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WTF is Whering? +

Have you ever watched Clueless? Whering is your digital wardrobe and personal stylist, all in the palm of your hand. You upload and digitise your wardrobe, and are able to plan and sort an endless combination of outfits and truly experience the versatility of the clothes you already own.

Who is Whering for? +

It’s for you, me, Alice, Sade down the street and all of their gals too. Anyone with a wardrobe (or at least a pile of clothes) can enjoy Whering.

Does Whering run on Android? +

Of course! We love our Android Wherers.

Is Whering available in other languages? +

Non, pero that's definitely a plan for the future since we're a very multilingual team.

What technology does Whering use? +

Whering is a people business (women run the show), but we use Machine Learning to help us get to know you better and scale our styling process. But no robo-styling at Whering- style matters (a lot) to us, and authenticity can't be programmed!

Using the app

How do I digitise my wardrobe? +

You simply upload photos of your items onto the App and we do the rest of the work, like removing the background and tagging the items for you, (follow our Digitisation Guide for tips and tricks for flawlwss pics). Easy peasy!

How long before my digitised items appear in my account? +

Your photos will appear in your Closet as soon as you upload them- cropped and digitised to perfection (which means you can play dress up straight away).

How do I create an outfit? +

1- Take pictures of your clothes & upload (in bulk - 'cause we ain't playin'). 2- Use either 'Canvas' mode to play around to create a collage or select an item from your closet if you already have one in mind (and add other pieces to it to create an outfit). 3- Unleash your inner creative genius stylist extraordinaire. 4- If you're out of ammunition: tap into our Dress Me function to swipe through our outfit suggestions, Clueless Style.

How many Outfits / Collections can I create? +

Simply put- as many as you like! An outfit for every week, day, hour. Go wild.

Can I save an outfit as a draft? +

Yes! No outfit is lost if you decide to quite halfway through- it's fine (hands up if you're an extreme procrastinator), come back later and continue where you left off.

Is there a maximum to how many pieces I can upload? +

Upload as many items as you like, we're not here to put restraints on your style needs (this is a recovering-shopaholics-friendly zone).

How many pictures can I upload at once? +

The limit does not exist.

Can I upload pictures from online retailers? +

Of course. If you're not super confident in your photogrpahy skills you're more than welcome to upload perfect and crisp online shopping images into your digital wardrobe. All the fun and you don't have to lift a finger!

Can I upload accessories as well? +

Absolutely! Shoes, bags, sunglasses, hats- you name it. What would a wardrobe be without them?

How do I delete an item from my closet? +

Press & hold on the item you'd like to wave goodbye to. Farewell! For now, you'll have to do this one at a time.

How do I delete an outfit? +

Simply click delete - au revoir!

Can I edit the order that my pieces show up in my closet? +

No, but we have an array of filters to help you see what you're looking for or a search bar if you know exactly what you're looking for.

Terms & Conditions

Is Whering free? +

Yes, Whering is 100% free.

Can I delete my account at any time? +

Yes, absolutely. Your account and email address will remain in our system unless you specifically ask us to delete your information (otherwise, your wardrobe is saved for 6 months, so you can come back whenever you like).

What is the White Glove Service and how does it work? +

Our seamless White Glove service allows you to skip the DIY wardrobe digitisation part and have one of our trained professionals come and do it for you. You’ll be able to book in with one of our Whering Assistants through a Calendly link. Pricing depends on whether your closet looks like Marie Kondo’s or Carrie Bradshaw’s. But for us members of the lazy committee, it’s truly priceless. Send us a message below if you’d like to know more! With Whering, wardrobe Zen = achieved.

Is the White Glove Service only available in London/the UK? +

For the time being- yes. However, we are actively looking to bring Whering to the rest of Europe (and the world) in the future. Having a teleportation device would be wonderful, but scientists have been slacking lately.

Can I change my password? +

Sure thing. If you forgot your password (or just feel like your old one has done its time and you’re ready for that bi-annual update) you can reset it and we will send you an email to create a new one. Tap on your Profile, hit Settings and follow the instructions. All your wardrobe secrets are safe with us. 🤫

Can I connect my account to my social media? +

Of course! You can export a selfie, an outfit collage or a picture of your fav handbag to the gram with our Whering monogram on it.

Can I backup or restore my data? +

We do this for you in our database so don't stress- your digital babies (i.e. your clothes) are safe with us.

What are you doing with my data? +

We’re storing it (deep in our vault, no public access), here’s why:1- For your benefit. We’re here to help you better understand your behaviour and fashion footprint. We’re proud of our analytics (number of wears, closet utilisation rate etc.) and we issue you badges to congratulate you on all the small wins (to help you stay motivated to, ya know, save the planet). And for your inner project manager – we also give you personalised metrics showcasing your wardrobe’s colours, potential wardrobe gaps etc.2- For the good of the fashion industry. We’re using our analytics to further understand consumer behaviour, preferences and purchasing habits. We’re on a mission to end the ‘buy, use, dispose’ model and we will share our high level takeaways with industry partners looking to reduce their inventory and better tailor products to customer needs (to reduce waste).


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