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My stats & tags

Think Spotify wrapped but for your wardrobe (available all year round) and you’ve got My Stats. Head to your Wardrobe and press the graph icon next to your profile photo to see a detailed insight into your wearing habits, including:

  • What percentage of your wardrobe you’re wearing 
  • Cost per wear of each item
  • Total wardrobe value
  • The number of items you have within a category e.g 5 skirts
  • Your most worn colours
  • Your most and least worn items
  • Total wardrobe value 
  • What percentage of created outfits you’re wearing 

As well as receiving personalised wardrobe stats to help you on your slow fashion journey, you can add custom tags to your items so you can keep track of your fave pieces in a way that makes sense to you.

To add personalised tags head to Wardrobe>Items and tap on the piece you want to edit. Scroll below the photo of the item to view the details. Swipe to the ‘Styling’ tab and see tags further down the page. Tap the pencil icon to edit and add your own.

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