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How do I add items to my packing list?

Once you create an event in the Planner and swipe the toggle to create a packing list, you can choose outfits to create an itemised packing list. Choose whether you want to add your own outfits or get suggestions from us.

If you decide to add your own outfits, you can choose from all the outfits in your wardrobe. Add multiple to each day of your holiday and tap the ‘Add’ button to save them to your packing list. If you’re not sure what you’re wearing on one of the days, the ‘skip day [1]’ button lets you move on without selecting an outfit. 

If you choose to get suggestions from us on what to wear, you’ll see the W Pick screen showing you potential outfit options. Tap the save button to save the outfit, or the X to see another suggestion.

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