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Live your Cher Horowitz dreams with our Cluless-inspired wardrobe app. As if!

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Ever since we first watched the iconic 90s film Clueless, we've been wanting our own Clueless wardrobe. Now, with the Whering app, we have one in the palm of our hand (and it’s totally free).

You might have already heard the hype from Whering users' viral TikToks, or seen Vogue, Vanity Fair and Stylist talking about us, but we’re here to tell you first hand why you should join the millions who have already jumped on the ‘Clueless’ style wardrobe app hype.

You already know the iconic scene where Cher’s choosing what to wear for the day ahead, right? That could be you every morning with Whering. 

Not only is it super fun to discover outfit ideas we’d never thought of, but it’s great to be able to maximise the potential of all our clothes and really feel like we’re getting our money's worth. 

You can actually see your cost per wear decrease as you outfit repeat! If that’s not an incentive to start tracking your outfits in Whering, we don’t know what is. It’s like a reward for being a sustainable queen. 

We can’t wait to be a part of your morning routine (when you start using Whering, you can’t stop). Here’s how:

Getting dressed with a Clueless wardrobe app

It’s always a struggle to pick an outfit in the morning. Before Whering, we fell into a safety net of the same combos day in and day out. If your style is getting repetitive and boring, you might  feel like you need new clothes to switch up your style.

Since having Whering, we realised this wasn’t true. We have plenty of clothes that make killer outfits, we just had to rediscover them. 

That’s where Whering’s ‘Clueless’ style wardrobe shuffle comes in - it’s called ‘Dress Me’.

It’s fun to use Dress Me to shuffle your whole wardrobe in just a few taps. See and style everything you own to find an outfit you love in no time. 

So, where we used to start our mornings uninspired, we now look forward to the process of putting an outfit together with Whering- the only Clueless wardrobe app you need.

Try Dress Me
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As much as we love Dress Me, there's so much more to Whering than the ‘Clueless’ style wardrobe shuffle. Whering have spent a lot of time curating an app that ignites creativity and gives users features they’ve been wanting forever. 

For example, have you ever wanted to see a breakdown of your most/least worn items or see what colours and styles you wear the most?

Have you been looking for a place to store all your outfit inspiration, alongside your real clothes? With Whering, you can do both.

Curating your style with a Clueless wardrobe app

Not only does the ‘Clueless’ style wardrobe app help you get dressed in the morning, it also helps to curate your personal style.

Imagine if everyday, you could wear something that made you feel like your best, most confident self, without having to spend time putting together an outfit?

With Whering, you can plan and schedule your outfits ahead of time so you’re always prepared (fashion wise) for the day ahead. 

But that’s not all - when you have a space to store all your fashion inspiration, alongside your actual wardrobe, it becomes so much easier to plan outfits you’re excited about. 

Inspiration is the first step before it comes to actually planning the outfit.

Store & share your inspiration


Collate anything and everything that inspires you in the Moodboard section of Whering. You can add photos from your camera roll, or take them on your camera (because real life is the best inspiration). 

Create different moodboards for all your different style personas, because let’s be honest- we all have different aesthetics we want to try out. 

Make a moodboard on Whering
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Once you’ve decided on what kind of look you’re going for, the next step is finding similar items in your own wardrobe. When putting together an outfit on canvas, you’ll have an option to pull up your Moodboard to remind you of your vision for the look. 


Can’t find anything in your current wardrobe that fits your vision? It might be time to buy something 'new'.

Buying clothes you actually need (and love!) is an easy way to have a more sustainable relationship fashion and a more curated style. 

That’s why Whering Wishlists are so useful. Add everything you want to buy to your Wishlist to refer back to when you catch yourself wanting something new. Impulse buying? Never heard of her💅

We’re all about making considered purchases that we can actually envision wearing. Style items in your Wishlist with your current wardrobe on Whering, to be sure you’re unlocking more outfit combinations with every purchase.

As well as helping you shop smart, thinking more about what you’re bringing into your closet automatically elevates your outfits. You’re only buying pieces you truly love that will compliment your unique style.

Not only do Wishlists help you shop consciously, it helps your loved ones too. Did you know 23 million unwanted gifts end up in landfill every Christmas? 

Whenever you give/receive gifts, lend a helping hand and share your Whering Wishlist to make it easy for whoever's getting you a gift to make sure it’s something you actually want- so it doesn’t end up in landfill. 

Who knew asking for presents was sustainable?

Create a Wishlist on Whering
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Creating the outfits

When it’s time to put the outfits together, you know you don’t want to forget a look you love. All outfits you create on canvas are saved to your wardrobe so you can find them in the future.

You can also create Lookbooks on Whering, letting you group specific outfits based on anything you want, from season to occasion and anything in between. 

If you’re stuck on what to wear, browsing your Lookbooks is a great way to find an outfit appropriate for whatever you’re doing.

Make a Lookbook

Planning & scheduling

We get so much joy from planning our outfits ahead of time. It removes the stress of deciding what to wear and our planned outfits are always better than those we throw on in a rush.  

If you’ve not already felt the satisfaction of seeing your Whering Planner populated with outfits for the week ahead, you need to get to know.

Open Planner

Cher would pack with Whering 

Our packing list lets you plan outfits for each day of your trip, creating an itemised packing list for you to check off as you’re packing your suitcase. 

Usually on holiday we change on average 3 times a day (morning pool outfit, beach outfit, dinner outfit) so we’ve made it possible for you to add multiple outfits per day on your trip if you’re also a chronic outfit changer. 

Having a packing list for your holiday prepares you for the trip, so there’s no need to panic buy a bikini at the airport. 

Speaking of impulse buys…Whering helps you make conscious purchases in so many ways. We’re joining you every step of the way on your slow fashion journey, come see how.

Start your sustainability journey

Get in loser, we’re going second-hand shopping for clothes we intend to wear for years to come.

It’s less catchy, but it sums up exactly what we’re all about. 

Whering encourages our users to understand their style, which means it’s easier to invest in clothes you actually like. We believe that buying second-hand clothes and buying from sustainable brands is incredibly important, but what matters most is buying clothes you’ll actually wear.

It sounds simple, but it’s true. On average, people wear items 7 times before viewing them as old. How crazy is that?

After reading The World is on Fire but We’re Still Buying Shoes, we realised how important it is to view our clothes as investments, rather than disposable items- as though hours of labour didn’t go into making the materials even before the garment worker finished the piece.

That’s why our My Stats feature is so useful- it lets you see what items you’re getting the most wear out of, and those which you’re not wearing at all. You can even filter your wardrobe to view it from least to most worn, helping you understand which items you actually love and what is worth buying in the future.

Our stats are also helpful for developing a sense of personal style, which is also really helpful when it comes to being sustainable.

When you have a strong sense of personal style you’re less likely to get caught up in short trend cycles and actually only buy what you need, rather than buying something, wearing it once, and throwing it out when the next trend comes along in a month or so.

Join the wardrobe revolution

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