Top wardrobe apps tested & compared | 2024

I tested all the best digital wardrobe apps so you don't have to. Discover the perfect wardrobe app for you with this deep dive into what makes a good digital wardrobe app work, and what doesn’t.

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What is a digital wardrobe app?

Who uses a digital wardrobe app?

Why are digital wardrobe apps useful?

Feature comparison

What makes the best digital wardrobe apps have?

What features do the best digital wardrobe apps have?

What is the best digital wardrobe app?

Whering Dress Me feature

What is a digital wardrobe app?

What is a digital wardrobe app?

Stuck on what to wear? A digital wardrobe app has your back. 

Digital wardrobe apps are an e-ventory of all your clothes and a virtual styling tool to help you discover more outfit combinations from what you already own. 

See your entire wardrobe in the palm of your hand to easily visualise all your clothes, without the mess of pulling everything out of your closet. 

Digital wardrobe apps help you see your style from a new perspective and get to grips with what your wardrobe has to offer, so you can avoid buying items similar to those you already own. It’s better for your wallet and the planet.

It goes beyond visualising your clothing, a digital wardrobe app gives real-time insights on what you’re wearing with personalised usage stats, helping you see exactly what you’re reaching for daily. 

Whering, as featured in:

What is a digital wardrobe app?

Who uses digital wardrobe apps?

There are lots of people who love using wardrobe apps– whether they want to organise their wardrobe digitally, track their cost per wear or get styling inspiration. 

Whatever you need a digital wardrobe app for, take it from those who have used them already to figure out which ones are worth a try. If you’re looking for an app you can trust, Whering has been tried and tested by fashion editors all over the world at Vogue, Condé Nast, New York Post and more. Even Drew Barrymore said she loves Whering!

Why are digital wardrobe apps useful?

Let's be honest, even the most organised wardrobes out there can get messy. With a digital wardrobe app you can finally achieve wardrobe zen

Here’s 7 reasons you need a digital wardrobe app:

Calming the chaos:

> Digital wardrobe apps bring order to your closet. You can neatly catalogue your entire wardrobe, making it easy to find what you need.

> Ever forget where you stored that winter coat? Location tags on Whering help you keep tabs on all your items.

Visualise your style:

> With a digital wardrobe app, you can view all your clothes at a glance. No more rummaging through your wardrobe (or your clothes chair).

> Mix and match outfits virtually (Clueless style) to create stylish looks without physically trying them on. As if!

> We all have pieces we no longer wear. Archive them in the app to declutter your headspace when choosing an outfit for the day ahead.

>You can see what your wardrobe looks like without items you might want to get rid of. Simply archive anything you’re thinking of donating or selling to see how you’d cope without it.

Get real-time wardrobe data:

> Wardrobe apps like Whering help you decide which items to sell, donate, or keep– by showing you your most and least worn items. It takes seconds to decide what to keep and what to give a new lease of life when you filter to least worn.

> Buy less and buy better when you can clearly see which items you’re loving and actually wearing, so you know what’s worth your investment in the future. 

Save your inspiration:

> In a style rut? Whering’s Clueless-inspired outfit shuffle helps to bring your closet into the 21st century so you can test outfit combinations easily.

>Use the ‘Discover new outfits’ feature in the Planner to see an outfit curated just for you (from clothes you already own, duh!)

> Choose your outfit from the comfort of your sofa with a digital breakdown of everything in your wardrobe. Need we say more?

>Save Your Faves: Loved what you wore last Friday, but can’t remember the exact outfit? Flick back through your calendar on Whering to see all the outfits you’ve been rocking.

> Add an OOTD selfie for a real-time snapshot of your outfit, as well as an itemised breakdown. 

Learn more about your style:

> Analyse your wardrobe. What colours do you wear most? Which styles do you gravitate towards?

> Understand your fashion preferences and make conscious purchases you know you’re going to love long term.

"BEST APP EVER! I was using a different one before but this one is just another level and for free! I am really enjoying it!"



"This is the BEST App of its kind. I use it almost every day and I'm still always so impressed by all its features, it has everything I ever wanted in a wardrobe App and so much more!



"Don't think i've ever loved an app so much. so perfect and impressively complete with every featured you'd possibly need."



Feature Comparison: Best digital wardrobe apps 2024



Save Your Wardrobe




Outfit generator

Wardrobe shuffle

Real-time data insights


Packing list








Outfit generator

Wardrobe shuffle

Real-time data insights


Packing list



What makes the best wardrobe app?

Free to use

Fast and easy

What makes the best digital wardrobe app?

Free to use model

Whering is the best digital wardrobe app as it’s totally FREE to use. There’s no ads and no limits on how many items you can upload or outfits you can create. 

Fast & easy upload process

It takes seconds to upload your clothes as you can mass select up to 15 items from your camera roll and easily fill in key item info to get more from Whering’s styling tools. Quick add items similar to those you already own from the Whering database, or the Whering basics range, to kickstart your digital wardrobe journey faster. To keep your closet hyper personal, you can also import items you’ve purchased from onlines stores (all from within the app!) to add them quickly. 

Clueless-style outfit shuffle

For the real Clueless-inspired styling experience, Whering is the best app to try. It has a Clueless-style outfit shuffle tool that lets you live out your Cher Herowitz fantasy, so you can find an outfit match in seconds. Using Dress Me -is so much faster than pulling items randomly out of your closet, as you can continue shuffling with a single tap and spare your floor the mess of trying on multiple outfits.

Wardrobe tracking data insights

Stay in the know of your styling habits with true wardrobe tracking on Whering. As well as being able to schedule outfits in the Planner, you can add selfies of your OOTD to see exactly how you styled the outfit. Your usage stats will remain accurate as you can tag specific items in your picture to ensure everything stays up to date. Once you’ve tracked your outfit daily you’ll start to see your cost per wear decrease and get a full rundown of your most common pairings, colours, styles and brands. 

Packing list 

Your best dressed self isn’t exclusive to your day-to-day life. Thanks to Whering, you’re prepared for anything abroad with the packing list. Plan looks for your trip and get an itemised packing list based on the outfits you’ve added to the event, complete with suggested items you might have forgotten. Avoid impulse buys at the airport and utilise everything in your suitcase so you don’t need to spend money on excess baggage.

Whering's Canvas feature

What features do the best digital wardrobe apps have?

There are quite a few wardrobe apps out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve done our research on the most useful and popular features, so you know what to look out for:

Outfit generators:

> Look for apps that offer quick outfit inspiration for when you’re stuck on what to wear. On Whering, Dress Me shuffles your existing clothes, helping you discover new combinations effortlessly.

> Find a curated outfit suggestion on Whering using the W Pick tool in the Planner. Swipe through until you find an outfit you love.

> When you’re feeling indecisive, try shuffling existing outfits you’ve already created on Whering in the Planner.

Real-ftime insight into your styling habits:

> Opt for an app that provides unique usage insights into your styling habits, like Whering. Track your outfits daily in the Planner for a full breakdown on your go-to styles, colours and brands.

> Outfit tracker: Choose an app that allows you to track your outfits with OOTD selfies, not just flat-lay collages. On Whering, you can add selfies to the calendar to remem-ber exactly how you styled outfits you love.

Inspiration hub:

> Seek an app that serves as a home for your inspiration with a place to store your outfit inspo and items you’ve got your eye on.

> Create moodboards and Wishlists on Whering.

A packing list tool for trips away:

> Stay organised and be your best dressed self for your next trip with a packing list.

> Whering goes one step further and provides recommendations on compatible items you may have forgotten.

Whering's Planner feature

What is the best digital wardrobe app?

We’ve done our research and weighed up the good and bad about the top digital wardrobe apps out there. What’s the verdict?


We love Whering because it’s completely free and has all the features you could ever want in a wardrobe app. From outfit scheduling, cost per wear, and personalised usage stats, to packing lists and Lookbooks, there’s so much to help you explore your wardrobe on Whering.

The app aims to empower people to get more from their current clothes before buying more, which is why there are two different styling tools to help you create outfits from your existing wardrobe. Use W Pick to get a curated outfit suggestion based on your previous styling preferences and the weather, or shuffle your entire wardrobe in a few taps with the Clueless-inspired matchmaker, Dress Me.

With wearing what you already own comes a love for your personal style, which is an integral part of Whering’s brand values. With unique usage insights and wardrobe tracking stats, you can start to understand your style and make considered purchases moving forward. 

There’s also a Moodboard and a Wishlist in the app so you can keep your inspiration alongside your current clothes to inspire yourself when putting outfits together, and to keep your existing items in mind when buying new.

whering digital wardrobe app, which digital wardrobe app is the best? digital wardrobe apps compared


Acloset is one of the most popular digital wardrobe apps out there, but they recently introduced a subscription fee– it’s now hundreds of dollars to access all their features. If you have a big wardrobe, this may not be the app for you as there are paid limits on how many items you can add. 

However, it does have a lot of features and you can connect with other users, but in my opinion, it feels overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Core functions like outfit scheduling are hard to locate.

But, it is easy and quick to add items from your camera roll or import images from the web. You can also mass edit items, helping you upload your wardrobe fast– but it does come with a cost.

digital wardrobe app, wardrobe apps compared


Indyx is a sleek and neutral-toned app designed to help users create outfits easily, but it lacks the fun and creativity that you get with other wardrobe apps. There are no styling tools to help you get creative and discover more from your current wardrobe, meaning you have to put all outfits together yourself. 

Much like Acloset, the full Indyx experience is behind a paywall. To get everything the app has to offer you need to be prepared to pay upwards of $110 for their styling services. There is a budget version at $15 a month, but you only get two new outfit suggestions every 30 days. On other wardrobe apps, you can get multiple new combinations whenever you're not sure what to wear, for free.

 If you’re going to log your outfit daily, you want something back. Sadly, on Indyx there’s nowhere to track your cost per wear or see insights into your wardrobe usage to help you make considered purchases and understand your personal style. 

When it comes to adding your clothes, the item is hidden as you input its info, making it hard to remember what you’re uploading as you can’t see it.

What is great about Indyx is that you can see inside other users’ wardrobes– but other than scrolling through their closet, there are no engaging social features right now. 

digital wardrobe apps compared, which is the best wardrobe app

Save Your Wardrobe 

Save Your Wardrobe has great basic features if you’re looking to catalogue your closet and send items off for repair and alteration. They have global partners in the tailoring industry, so you can make items you love last for longer for a more sustainable wardrobe.

If you’re looking for more advanced features like moodboards, wishlists or outfit suggestion tools, Save Your Wardrobe doesn’t have them. It’s a clean app with useful partner services, ideal if you’re less interested in learning more about your styling habits but looking to see a digital inventory of what you already own and have items tailored.

digital wardrobe app, which digital wardrobe app should i get


Combyne is a wardrobe app for the playful. It’s colourful and bold, mainly designed for creating outfits, rather than tracking what you wear. It’s not essential to add your own items as they have hundreds of pieces already uploaded, but this does mean you can’t log your day-to-day outfits anywhere, or see any real-time data on what you’re wearing on a daily basis. 

As the app is centred around outfit creation, there’s no proper wardrobe space to see an overview of everything you own. Unless you share items with your followers, your clothes are only found in the canvas where you can select items to add to make an outfit.

Combyne has social features and encourages its users to share looks and items with their community which is fun, however, there’s no option to see outfits you’ve made without sharing them with others on the app. This can be a turn-off for those who want to keep their wardrobe private.

Which digital wardrobe app are you downloading?

which digital wardrobe app is the best to download? best wardrobe apps

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Getting dressed with a Clueless wardrobe app

It’s always a struggle to pick an outfit in the morning. Before Whering, we fell into a safety net of the same combos day in and day out. If your style is getting repetitive, you might feel like you need new clothes to switch up your style.

Since having Whering, we realised this wasn’t true. We have plenty of clothes that make killer outfits, we just had to rediscover them. 

That’s where Whering’s ‘Clueless’ style wardrobe shuffle comes in - it’s called ‘Dress Me’.

It’s easy to use Dress Me to shuffle your whole wardrobe in just a few taps. See and style everything you own to find an outfit you love in no time. 

Where we used to start our mornings uninspired, we now look forward to putting an outfit together with Whering- the only Clueless wardrobe app you need.