Mar 14

Five Reasons to Track What you Wear

by Rebekah Holroyd

With a real-life wardrobe, things often get pushed to the back, forgotten, and left to collect dust. Or dresses and trousers are hung on top of one another so you can’t find what you want when you need it — because who actually has one item of clothing per hanger? Please, reveal yourself (and teach me your ways).

But with a digital wardrobe app, there’s none of that. Everything is logged and accounted for; you have your whole wardrobe in the palm of your hand.

I digitised my entire wardrobe and quickly realised that tracking your wardrobe might just be the best thing ever. Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons why you should try it, too.

  1. It helps to define your personal style:

    I knew I liked midi dresses and skirts, but I didn’t quite realise just how much I liked midi dresses and skirts until Whering showed me — this app’s got all the receipts. By tracking what you wear, the app records the items you wear the most and the pieces you tend to gravitate towards when creating outfits. In other words, it helps to curate your ride-or-die wardrobe for you to feel your best self 24/7. As for me? It’s official: I’m in a long-term relationship with everything midi. Some things just belong together. IYKYK.
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  3. You’re more thoughtful about what you buy — and when:

    By tracking what you wear, you’ll learn where your wardrobe gaps are, the items worth investing in, and a better understanding of what not to buy. Case in point? If your tracking reveals you to be an ‘elevated basics’ kinda person, then cashmere jumpers in muted shades will be a better investment than the latest Y2K trend. The same applies if you wear a uniform five days of the week — do you really need to add another Breton top to your already saturated striped t-shirt collection? This is where Whering comes to the rescue. The app helps you to be more mindful when shopping and resist the urge to impulse buy because it shows you what you already own and the outfit combinations to consider.

  4. You can track your cost per wear:

    Data may not always be SeXy, but hear me out. When you upload an item to Whering, you can also add the price you paid for it. If you track what you wear day-to-day, the app will know how often you’ve worn a piece and automatically calculate the cost per wear of an item. Pretty smart, right? Not only does this let you know which of your items are the most valuable in your wardrobe, but it also helps to justify purchasing investment pieces.

  5. You're able to streamline your wardrobe:

    Considering that I’m not a ‘jeans person,’ I have a lot of pairs of them. Since tracking what I wear the most, it’s safe to say that when I have opted for jeans, it’s always the same two pairs of denim. This means waving goodbye to those that no longer (if they ever) serve me and donating them to charity. Whering works to hold you accountable for making sure you actually wear what you buy rather than hoarding it for those ‘just in case’ moments. (Word of advice: you don’t need to keep everything for fancy dress either.)

  6. It’s giving… brand new outfit combinations:

    We’ve all said at some point in our lives: ‘...but I’ve nothing to wear,’ deep down aware that’s not in the slightest bit true. But with Whering, you can unlock the potential of your wardrobe to make the most of what you already own so you never have to face this (made-up) problem again. Just check out the number of ways the app has styled my most worn M&S jumper. As a true advocate of Whering, it’s made me excited to diversify the way I wear items and consider new outfit possibilities, all thanks to its in-app styling suggestions.

  7. Bonus point:

    It’s also nice for the memories. Think of it as a diary, but for your wardrobe.

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