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How to Pack a Suitcase with Whering: We’ve got you Covered From Miami to Ibiza

by Team Whering

Hands up if you’re an over packer! Join the club. In June of this year we commissioned some research to find out how people pack for their holidays. The results revealed that on average Brits only wear 53% of the items they pack. On top of that, they have to repack their suitcase at least twice due to overpacking (Whering, 2022) and ¾ of travelers will always forget an item (M&S Bank, 2021). Not only this, but Brits collectively spend £400 million a year on excess baggage (Columbus Direct, 2017). Ouch.


It's Time to Pack Smarter

You may have noticed a new feature in the latest version of Whering; packing lists. We’ve built packing lists to help all Wherers pack smarter for their holiday, save time, stress and money. More importantly, you’ll also be doing the planet a favour. Packing smarter could save 229,181 metric tonnes of CO2. You can easily create a packing list from outfits in your digital wardrobe, plan them day-by-day and our AI will even suggest additional items you may be forgetting.


Making a Packing List for Your Holiday

You can now make a packing list in the app when you create events. Simply add outfits to your events - we’ll generate an item packing list for you to monitor what you have packed or still need to pack. We’ll also suggest other items from your wardrobe that you may be forgetting.


  1. Head to Planner
  2. Click the Calendar icon
  3. Click the green + button
  4. Create event - save all the details of your trip
  5. Add notes like "white blazer in the wash"
  6. Click Generate Packing List
  7. Add your outfits or let AI suggest outfits for you based on the weather forecast
  8. See an itemised packing list and your packing progress bar
  9. Check off items you have already packed
  10. Receive cute lil additional suggested items by our AI you might be forgetting

Create Outfits in Advance

Whether you’d rather choose what items to pack and create outfits later, or create outfits first to help you decide which items to pack, there’s no denying that being prepared makes everything easier. The best part of using Whering is you have all of your favourite outfits catalogued right there for you to see, without having to scroll back to look for images or come up with new outfits off the top of your head. Once you’ve chosen 2-3-4 outfits to take on holiday with you, why not spot the individual items you could style differently to give you more options? The joy is endless, really.

What to Pack or Your Holiday

Whering is a one stop shop for all your packing needs. See everything you own in one place, access moodboards, wish lists, and create packing lists - all on our app. Being able to see everything you own eases the packing process. You can easily flick through different items and decipher what’s best for your holiday. Rather than rummaging through your wardrobe, take a seat and scroll through your closet from the comfort of your sofa.

If you’re unsure what to pack, try using our dress me feature to create outfit combos. Find new outfits in seconds from items you already own and add them easily to your packing list. If you’re an organised girlie you could even schedule what you’re wearing each day on the calendar feature - so you can completely remove the ‘what to wear’ dilemma (more time for cocktails).

Looking for holiday inspo? With Whering, you can easily create moodboards and wish lists of items and styles that inspire you. Next time you’re packing for a trip and not sure what your ✨summer 2022 ✨vibe is, simply open up your mood boards and decide which version of yourself you’re taking with you.

Whilst the Whering app makes packing easier, there are so many other ways to take the hard work out of the process.


Struggling with climate anxiety? You’re not alone. Plenty of people are discussing the damage of flying on our environment, particularly celebrities and their use of private jets. It’s easy to feel like nothing we do will make a difference, but our sustainable packing hacks are a good place to start managing your anxieties.

Liaise with Friends

When traveling with friends, why not discuss what each of you is taking and borrow items from each other whilst you’re away. It’s a great way to pack less and ensure you don’t need to buy extra clothes before going away or on your trip. Lending clothes is a sustainable way to wear something different without contributing to textile waste and CO2 emissions.

Pack Smart

Consider bringing pieces you can wear multiple times or match with different items. You don’t need to take a whole new outfit for every day - try bringing a few pairs of shorts or skirts that go with different tops. It’s more fun repeating outfits with our app metrics that will tell you how much CO2 you save by rewearing your favourite top from last year.

We’re masters of using one item as a base in multiple outfits. If you need a hand check out this article to see how we put outfits together using base items. Still seeking inspiration? At the end of this article we’ll let you know 4 times we can’t go on holiday without. They all make a great base for any outfit - we’ve got you covere

Save Suitcase Space

You probably don’t need us to tell you about this, but utilising space in your suitcase is very important, especially now that Easyjet have decreased the size of hand luggage (we don’t wanna pay for hold bags😢).

A smaller suitcase means you need to think about each item carefully. Why not try using packing cubes to separate items like tops and shorts or day and night looks. It makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for when you arrive and prevents your suitcase from turning into a mountain of clothes - win-win.

We’re also a fan of rolling up clothes - this technique helps you fit a lot more in a suitcase. You’ll have space for more books, suncream, or whatever else you need that’s bulky.

Everyone and their mum know this one, but if you have larger items make sure you wear them on the plane. Save suitcase space for your carefully thought-out outfits (planned on the Whering app, of course).

Check the Forecast

It might sound simple, but packing clothes you’ll actually wear is far easier when you know what the weather is going to be like. There’s no need to pack for weather conditions you won’t be in, so have a look beforehand and pack appropriately.

You can take it one step further and plan what you’ll wear on each day according to the weather, using our calendar feature.


Jazz up your holiday fits with different accessories - they hardly take up any space in your suitcase and can change the look of any outfit. If you’re traveling for a long time this is a great way to save space when packing. We suggest bringing earrings, headscarves, sunglasses, necklaces or belts.

Forgive us for the shameless self-promo, but our Different ways to wear a Headscarf article is perfect if you’re looking for an easy accessory to restyle this summer.


We’ve compiled a list of holiday staples to provide a great base for any outfit. Add them to your packing list from your own closet or the Whering Database.

Long Dress

Perfect to wear on the plane or in the cooler evenings, a long dress is a diverse piece providing comfort and style. Dress it up or down with different accessories to make it appropriate for night and day occasions. Shop our favourite pairs direct from our sustainable marketplace!

Our Picks

Platform Sandals

Great for evenings out or sightseeing (as well as taking yourself from the pool to the bar), platform sandals add a bit of spice to your fit whilst keeping your feet cool. Wear them with anything from an evening dress to denim shorts - you can’t go wrong.

Our Picks

Strappy Dress

The spaghetti strap dress is a must on holiday. Keeping you cool and stylish, this dress is easy to throw on over your bikini or slip into for an evening meal.

Our Picks

Head Scarf

If we haven’t already sold it to you, the headscarf is essential. Either wear it in your hair or as a top for an effortless summer vibe that improves any outfit without fail. Discover even more options here.

Now that we’ve finished our packing list, it’s time for you to start yours. Open up the Whering app and add items to your packing list to take away the stress of planning outfits pre-holiday. We can’t wait to see your vacation fits, tag us @whering__ on Instagram. Safe travels ✈️

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