June 16

How to Pack Light for a Festival

by Florenne Earle Ledger

With Glastonbury right around the corner, there’s no better time to share our secrets of how to pack light for a festival. If you’ve ever been to a festival before, you’ll know how important packing light is. Dragging your bag, tent and camping chairs across the campsite is never the highlight of the weekend.

That doesn’t have to be your destiny. Follow our tips on how to pack light for a festival and you’ll be striding ahead of the crowd…🚶

How to Pack Light for a Festival: Clothing Edition

Face Facts

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but to pack light for a festival, you actually have to bring less clothes- you might have to outfit repeat. It’s fun to dress funky, but fashion isn’t the main event. Say goodbye to your suitcase full of potential outfit options- just bring the clothes you need.

Share Clothes

Plan outfits with your besties (on Whering!!) so you can all bring less without compromising on style. If you’re not the same size, share accessories to level up your look without taking up space in your bag.

Transitional Pieces

Bring items you can wear multiple ways. If you haven’t seen our 6 different ways to wear a scarf article, this might help you come up with some new ways to maximise wear out of one piece. It doesn’t stop at headscarves, there’s plenty of items that can be styled in multiple ways. Use our Dress Me shuffle to find out how you can style core pieces you already own.

Here are some of our fave transitional pieces for packing light for festivals:

  1. Shorts: A basic pair of denim shorts or jorts can be styled multiple ways to make them look totally different.
  2. Plain Dress: Use a basic dress as a blank canvas and add different accessories and outerlayers (shirts, cardigans or denim jacket) to spice it up.
  3. Platform lace up boots: Festival shoes are always hard to choose, but you can’t go wrong with lace up boots. You can take on anything and they go with most things you might want to wear.
  4. Button down shirts: Versatile and stylish, button down shirts are a yes from us. Wear them as they are, unbuttoned with a vest or funky top. You can also wear them under or over a dress, the options are endless. Also, there’s so many patterned ones perfect for festivals.
  5. Co-ord sets: Co-ords are ideal because you can wear them as a set for a put together look, or wear each piece separately. 2 items = minimum 4 outfits.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

What happened at the last festival you went to? Were there some things you packed that you wish you’d left behind? If you’re lucky enough to have gone to a festival before, take a moment to think about what you could have left behind. Bye girl.

Take Tiny Clothes

Festivals are the place for risque clothing. If that’s your vibe, why not embrace that festival fashion and take your tiniest tops, shorts and skirts. It helps cut down on packing and you’ll look great.

How to Pack Light for a Festival: Our Glastonbury Essentials

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of things you’ll need for a festival that aren’t clothing-related. You’ll need SPF, water and sunglasses to stay protected from the heat. If you’re going to a UK festival, wellies and a raincoat might also be something you need to consider, as per.

how to pack light kate moss 1.png

When it comes to snacks, we are not up for forking out a tenner to buy a meal at the festival food stands every time we get hungry. We suggest bringing crisps and cereal bars as lightweight and compact snacks to keep you going.

That’s our run down of how to pack light for a festival. Did we miss something? Let us know on our socials how you pack light for a festival.

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