Jul 7

Rent & Repeat: Reimagining Festival Fashion

by Team Whering


If there’s ever a time to experiment with new styles and wear those extravagant pieces sitting at the back of your closet, it’s a festival. Needless to say, with the opportunity to dress differently, people tend to buy a lot of new clothes just for festivals (guilty). At Whering we love fashion, so of course we want to try out new looks and trends - but we don’t want to contribute to textile waste and overconsumption. Especially since the world discards enough clothes to fill one and a half empire state buildings everyday…

That’s why we’re reimagining festival fashion, offering an alternative option that allows you the freedom to experiment sustainably. We’ve curated a selection of rental pieces to make you stand out from the crowd (see what we did there?) and try out multiple looks whilst contributing to circular fashion.

If you’re unfamiliar with rental clothing, you might think it seems like a strange suggestion for a festival as it might be more difficult to keep the clothes in perfect condition. But, with all rental orders, you get insurance, so you won’t be fined for any wear and tear. If rental isn’t for you, we suggest using our app to digitise your wardrobe - so you can peruse all your pieces from the palm of your hand. This way you’ll piece together a stunning fit in no time - you can even use our dress me feature to do the work for you.

Renting clothes is super easy. Simply choose items you love and rent them through Rotaro - direct from the Whering marketplace. You can also get 10% off your first order with code WHERING10. If you find a downside, let us know - because we can’t see any.

Our Rental Edit

In the spirit of outfit repeating, we've put together a few inspo outfit collages to show you all the different ways you can wear and style the pieces you rent, consisting of entirely interchangeable pieces which most of us will find laying around in our wardrobe.

Banana Bag in Leather Weave, £30

styled three ways

banana bag.png banana bag.png

Juliette Silk Top in Burnt Orange, £12

styled three ways

orange top.png orange top.png

Elasticated Bandeau, £12

styled three ways

bandeau top.png bandeau top.png

Callie Co-ord Top in Pink

styled three ways

oceanus top.png oceanus_top_1657206919041.jpg

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