June 18

Glastonbury Essentials

by Florenne Earle Ledger

Last minute packing for Glastonbury? We get it. Take inspiration from our Glastonbury essentials. Shop from our marketplace or find similar pieces in your own wardrobe.

Our Essentials for Glastonbury

We’re all about transitional pieces. Items that you can wear multiple ways, so you can pack light. See our article on How to Pack Light for a Festival for all our secrets.

All our Glastonbury fashion essentials are transitional, you probably already have some of them in your wardrobe- so there’s no need to buy new.


Long or short, black or blue: style them multiple ways to make your outfit look totally different.


You can rent clothes to wear to a festival too. Insurance covers a little bit of wear and tear if things get out of hand. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, rent and repeat is the best way to dress when it comes to festival fashion.

Use a dress you love as a blank canvas and add different accessories and outer layers (shirts, cardigans or denim jacket) to spice it up.

Button Down Shirts or Jackets

Versatile and stylish, you can’t go wrong. Wear them as they are, unbuttoned with a vest or funky top. You can also wear them under or over a dress, the options are endless. It doesn’t have to be your standard button down shirt- there’s so many variations of the classic button down. Here are some of our faves:

8.png 9.png 10.png

Co Ords

Two pieces are ideal because you can wear them as a set for a put together look, or wear each piece separately. 2 items = minimum 4 outfits.

General Glastonbury Essentials

Sadly, it’s not all about fashion. You’ll need to pack practically to have a good time. Don’t forget the following:

  1. Suncream
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Refillable Bottle
  4. Waterproof
  5. Snacks
  6. Plasters & medication (paracetamol, hayfever tablets etc)
  7. Hair tie & pins
  8. Toilet roll (if you know, you know)

Those are our glastonbury essentials. What are you packing? Let us know on our socials @Whering__ on Twitter and Instagram.

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