Jul 14

Would You Let AI Pack Your Suitcase?

by Florenne Earle Ledger

Would you say you’re good at packing? You’ll be even better after learning how Whering can make packing a suitcase 10x easier. All this AI discourse has us thinking about how we’ve utilised AI and tech to ease your packing journey.

Did you know the average Brit only wears 53% of what they pack? On top of that, they have to repack their suitcase at least twice (Whering, 2022) and ¾ of travellers will always forget an item (M&S Bank, 2021).

Not only could you save money and time by packing better, you’re saving the planet too. Packing smarter could save 229,181 metric tonnes of CO2. You can easily create a packing list from outfits in your digital wardrobe, plan them day-by-day. Our AI will even suggest additional items you may be forgetting.

How to Pack a Suitcase With Whering

Use our packing feature to generate a packing list from selected outfits or lookbooks. We’ll do the rest.

  1. Open the Planner
  2. Click the Calendar icon
  3. Click the green + button
  4. Create event - save all the details of your trip
  5. Click ‘Generate Packing List’
  6. Choose whether you want to add your own outfits or see suggestions
  7. Select the outfits you want to pack for each day
  8. See an itemised packing list and your packing progress bar
  9. Check off items you have already packed
  10. Receive cute lil additional suggested items by our AI you might be forgetting

That’s how our tech/AI can help you pack, but there’s more than just the packing list feature to make easy for you:

Shuffle Your Packing List

Planning outfits for a trip away can take hours, but with our outfit shuffle feature, Dress Me, all it takes is a few taps to find outfits you love. Shuffle your fave pieces to find a combo that you hadn’t thought of yet 👀.

You can now filter to shuffle lookbooks in Dress Me. Add all the outfits/items you're packing to a Lookbook, and select that Lookbook when filtering Dress Me for trip shuffles specific to your packing list. We told you we made packing easier!

As well as helping you unlock more outfit combinations from what you already own, we'll also reduce the need for you to impulse buy holiday related items.

Stop Impulse Buying with Whering

Add to Wishlist

When you’re about to go away, it’s easy to get caught up and think you need to buy more clothes for your trip. With Whering, there’s no room to impulse buy. Add items you want to buy to your wishlist and think them through before purchasing.

Get analytical

Review your wardrobe stats to see what styles and colours you wear the most, so you know what’s worth the investment, and what might be another impulse buy that you don’t need.

Give it a Whirl

Try-before-you-buy with canvas. Add items you’re eyeing up online to your digital wardrobe and get creative in canvas. Style them with what you already own so you can be sure they’re compatible with your wardrobe before purchasing.

No more running around the airport like a headless chicken, just you and your well packed suitcase heading to your gate, coffee in hand 💅

See more of our sustainable packing hacks to make your packing journey even easier.

What's on Our Packing List?

Whilst you should look in your own wardrobe before you browse online, we’ve got some holiday essentials you might be missing.

Evening Wear

Exploring the City

Beach Babe

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