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Hey, we’re Whering. The Clueless inspired wardrobe app helping our users pick out killer outfits and shop sustainably.

If you’ve not used a wardrobe app before, we’re here to tell you why they’re a game changer.

What is a Wardrobe app?

A wardrobe app is your very own Clueless inspired outfit match maker, so you can feel just like Cher. As if!

No but really- a wardrobe app is an inventory of all your clothes, accessories and shoes. Whether you’re on the go or chilling on the sofa, see everything you own in the palm of your hand and use Dress Me to shuffle your whole wardrobe in a few taps.

Rather than routing through your wardrobe, sit back and browse your personalised usage stats to understand your dressing habits, or skim through your Lookbooks to find an outfit you’re excited about.

If you struggle to make decisions (guilty) Whering has you covered. Get outfit suggestions in seconds with our Clueless inspired outfit shuffle, Dress Me - or see more calculated outfit ideas based on the weather and your personal style with W Pick.

With a wardrobe app you can have everything in one place: your clothes, outfits, style inspiration and wishlist. Save looks you love and pieces you’ve got your eye on in Moodboards or Wishlist.

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What are the best wardrobe apps?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Whering is the only wardrobe app you’ll ever need.

Need convincing? Here’s why…

Why is Whering the best wardrobe app?

We might be a little biassed, but we truly believe Whering is the best wardrobe app out there. 

Putting users first

After chatting with our super users, collating feedback and thinking as a team, we’ve shaped Whering into a wardrobe app that suits your every needs. 

User feedback is our key indicator of how to develop Whering into something that becomes a part of our Wherers daily routine. We’re creating an app that responds to real demands from real people.

Love wardrobe apps? You could be one of the users that has a say in the future of Whering. Get in touch with us and let us know you’d like to jump on a call with a member of our team.

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Get to know your style like never before

A wardrobe app should help you take a deep dive into your wardrobe, FBI style. You’ll find out the following with Whering:

  • What percentage of your wardrobe you’re wearing 
  • Cost per wear of each item
  • Total wardrobe value
  • The number of items you have within a category, e.g 5 skirts
  • Your most worn colours
  • Your most and least worn items
  • Total wardrobe value 
  • What percentage of created outfits you’re wearing 

Seeing accurate data of what you’re wearing helps you know exactly where you’re at in your slow fashion journey, motivating you to keep shopping thoughtfully and sustainably. 

It’s all well and good seeing a breakdown of your wardrobe usage, but Whering does more than show you data.

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Shop responsibly

Sustainable gurlies know that shopping second-hand isn’t the only way to ease the damage of textile waste on climate change. Carefully considering your purchases and only buying clothes when you really need them is half the battle.

We make sustainable shopping easy by encouraging our users to think about what they are purchasing, whether that’s with our Moodboard feature where users can collate outfit and style inspo, or our Wishlist that lets Wherers add items they want to buy to a folder and share it with friends. 

Try before you buy

With Whering, you can see items you’ve got your eye on styled with your existing wardrobe thanks to our ‘Wear it With’ feature when browsing our Marketplace. That way, you'll know whether it’s a good investing before buying.

Your virtual packing assistant

Going on holiday? Make a packing list in seconds in the calendar. We’ll suggest anything you may have forgotten so you’ll always be prepared.

Select outfits you want to take on your trip and we’ll create an itemised packing list to help you stay organised. Gone are the days of arriving on your trip and realising you left your favourite top behind.

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No limits

Unlike most other wardrobe apps out there, we’re proud to say our users can create unlimited outfits and Lookbooks completely free of charge, with no ads.

Stay circular 

Whether it’s shopping, dry cleaning, repairing, altering or renting- our circular services let users extend the life cycle of their fave items in a few simple taps.

Why should you download a wardrobe app?

There are countless reasons to download a wardrobe app. Here’s what we tell people when they’re on the fence.

Managing your Wardrobe

Keep tabs on everything you own from shoes, jackets, accessories, shorts, jeans and everything in between, with a wardrobe app. It’s ideal for managing your wardrobe with minimal effort.

Filter to different categories to see subsections of your wardrobe clearly. This is useful for when you’re spring cleaning or trying to find a specific item fast. 

Creating a capsule wardrobe

Whering is the perfect app to create a capsule wardrobe. Unlock countless combinations from fewer items with our outfit shuffle feature, Dress Me, or use W Pick to discover new ways to style your fave pieces.

On average, we provide 17 new outfit combinations from each item you upload. There’s so much potential to style everything we own, sometimes a helping hand is all you need to unlock it. That’s where we come in.

A capsule wardrobe is no longer a limiting or daunting prospect with Whering.

Portable Personal Stylist

A wardrobe app is your portable personal stylist. Find outfits you love easily with our outfit suggestion features, W Pick and Dress Me. 

Now, you can filter Dress Me to show more specific outfit options. Whether you want to exclude activewear or filter to view items from a Lookbook, get the most out of Dress Me with filters. 

When using W Pick, our algorithm learns from your styling choices and saved outfits so we show you an outfit best suited to your taste and the weather. We’re not perfect, so if you don’t like our suggestions press the ‘X’ button to be shown another outfit and help our tech learn more about your styling choices.

Personalised Stats

Think Spotify Wrapped but for your wardrobe. See exactly what items you’re neglecting and those you’re loving in My Stats. Filter to view your most and least worn items to plan outfits with pieces that need some TLC or your tried and tested favourites. 

You can also view your most worn colours to see a clear breakdown of your colour preferences and the style of clothes you like to wear.  

Understanding your style is the key to shopping sustainably so you can focus on buying clothes you love that you know you’re going to wear.

Experiment Ethically

We all know trend cycles are bad for the planet, but it’s not easy to stop experimenting with different trends despite the negative impact they have on the environment.

With Whering, you can experiment ethically thanks to our rental partners (UK only). Save money and the planet by renting a dress rather than buying new for an occasion.

You can also try-before-you-buy on Whering when you import items from online you’ve not yet purchased. Upload an item from any online retailer and see how it looks with your existing wardrobe before buying. 

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Those are just some of the reasons we’re digital wardrobe enthusiasts, but there are plenty more perks we’ll leave you to find out on your own.

Are we missing something? We’d love to hear what you think of Whering or ways it could be improved. Get in touch with any feedback by emailing us We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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