Feb 14

A Love Letter to My Wardrobe

by Team Whering

In the spirit of loooooove team Whering thought there was no better time to dedicate a little bit of our blog to write some love letters to the special items in our wardrobe.

This one goes out to the items we kept asking ourselves to buy or not to buy for weeks, and now couldn't imagine our lives without them. The items we call lucky. The items we wore to job interviews, birthdays and first dates, which ultimately lasted longer than those relationships. The items we can't believe we even stumbled upon in the first place.

item_love_letters_-_Sarah.png item_love_letters_-_Rebekah.png item_love_letters_-_Sarah_(2).png item_love_letters_-_Flo.png item_love_letters_-_Sarah_(3).png

What's the item (or items) in your wardrobe which deserves a love letter?

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