Oct 22

The Ticket to Wardrobe Zen: Self-Love

by Team Whering


Self-love, what an interesting concept in this day and age. Is it truly possible to achieve self-love in a world where Zara pushes out a new collection approximately every 48 hours? How is one supposed to find contentment in a world that is built to sell you new things you didn’t know you need to impress people you don’t know if you like, and boast self-improvement at every street corner? Instagram is telling you to be slimmer, Youtube is telling you to do your makeup better, TikTok is telling you to dress better and in new clothes every day, cook better, wake up earlier, and just about everything else.

What happened to intuition, to living your life without constant outside influence for profit generating organisations? We have been reprogrammed to be insecure in order for brands to profit off of us, and it is time we educate ourselves on the topic, to ultimately take back control. We live in a world in which our economy only functions if all of the individuals are insecure. We need the new shiny car, that probiotic supplement shipped from across the world to allow you to lose weight, clear your skin, get a boyfriend and put that slide deck together for you. Do you really need that Vaseline in a tube to sit at the cool girl table and mark your ethos of ‘I believe in skin first and makeup second’? The pressure is overwhelming.

Our social media platforms are no longer a place to showcase pictures of us doing fun things, rather they create your personal brand. The way you edit your pictures pins you to a specific type of personality. Do you write your captions in all lowercase? You must be not like the other girls. What about your bio? Is it all the cities you have spent an inch of time in the last few years, or a place to house your professional accomplishment? We have hyper-economised every aspect of our life. Much like our Instagram has been made into our own marketing platforms to attract the friends we think we would like and attention we deserve, our conversations with our closest friends have also been brought into the world of business.

“I’m so invested* in this relationship”

*albeit these words have existed for centuries, they have been recontextualised to be capitalistic tools, and we now use them in such a way.

The world of profit generation is taking over our lives, and it’s time we reclaim our power. The best way to do so in this world, the way to take a rebellion and a stance against an invasion of our sanity and corruption of our mental health, is to simply learn to (and allow yourself to) love your self. The woman who loves herself cannot be sold a single-use clubbing top from Boohoo. As she is not being sold a top, but the illusion of a man’s gaze. The woman who loves herself cannot be sold an overpriced moisturiser. As she is not being sold moisturiser, she is being sold the promise of eternal youth & beauty. But is that what we really, truly want? Or is it something we’ve been taught to want our entire lives?

Your wardrobe is most likely a mess, but it’s not your fault. How can you possibly have a cohesive capsule, with maximalist pieces on the side to spice it up, when you have whole teams of multinational corporations fighting for your wardrobe to not serve you, so that you continue to buy more. These companies fight for the space on your shelves, and if there’s not enough space- they’ll just sell you more shelves.

At Whering, we want to help fix this cycle. We want to provide every modern woman around the world with the tools to love herself and her wardrobe. We know you’re going to need some help, you’re going to have to sell and donate some things, and buy some staples so that you can spend less time getting dressed in the morning and more time working towards your goals.

We want to take you on a journey, and we will be there every step of the way. And the first step towards wardrobe zen is loving yourself. We challenge you to one new feat: Whenever you have to buy something today, whether it’s a bottle of shampoo or a cocktail dress for your aspirational self, we encourage you to think. Think ‘Who is profiting from me buying this?’ ‘Does it serve them if I buy it more often?’ ‘What insecurities do they appeal to?’ ‘What do their advertisements promise?’. Start noticing the world around you, and thinking critically about what you truly need in your life. We want you to love yourself, regardless of whether it’s an old or new top that you’re wearing. Confidence looks good on you.

So hop on, it’s a one-way ticket to wardrobe zen, we can assure you you’ll enjoy the view.

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