Jun 13

Staying Cool in High Heat

by Team Whering

Or: avoiding getting sweatier than necassary during the hot weather.

Alexa, play “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato, and let’s get into it.

Not sure how it’s looking in other parts of the world, but the U.K. is currently HOT (caps lock, bold, underlined, italicised, all of it). Every year, we find ourselves begging for the rain to come to a halt and for the sun to come out, and every year, without fail, it does, and we quickly regret it. How can you not, in a country flooded with poorly insulated housing, made 10x worse by the overwhelming concrete, and of course, our best friend climate change (ironic), making for an insufferable amalgamation of extreme weather year-round.

So, on that note, let’s talk about what we can actually be wearing to stay cooler during high heat.

  1. Fabrics + materials to look for
  2. Look for breathable fabrics like Linen, cotton and jersey. Breathable means these fabrics help your body release heat, which in turn means you sweat less. A cotton t-shirt with some linen shorts or trousers will go a loooong way when you’re out and about, and would rather not feel like you’ve just come out of a swimming pool.

  3. Fabrics + materials to avoid
  4. Avoid synthetics like polyester, nylon and acrylic; fast-fashion’s strongest soldiers. If there were an antonym for breathable fabrics, it would be synthetics; they tend to trap heat because they’re not absorbent. This means not only will you be sweating more, but the sweat will just stay on your body. Furthermore, these fabrics also tend to retain odours and can even contribute to bacteria growth. It just so happens these fabrics are also super bad for the planet as they are pretty much nonbiodegradable, all the more reason to avoid.

  5. Colours
  6. Try to stay away from dark colours. This isn’t a hot take, but it’s no secret that darker fabrics tend to absorb more light– in this case more sun– meaning you’d be a walking heat attraction. Great in a figurative way, not so great in a literal, I can’t function because it’s so hot, way. If it’s really sunny where you are, attracting too much sun may lead to sunstroke or sun exhaustion, though that’s an extreme scenario, it’s not worth the risk.

  7. Looking at the fit
  8. We promise this has nothing to do with our personal vendetta against skinny jeans, (we refuse to accept they are coming back into fashion) or us trying to push the jorts narrative, but it is in your best interest to avoid tight clothing altogether. The best type of clothing is that which moves with your body, and lets your skin breathe. When you’re already too hot (to handle), the last thing you want is a tight top or tight jeans clinging to your sweaty skin.

  9. These shoes were made for walking...
  10. ...but not for chafing in. Finally, comfortable and breathable shoes. Wow, breathable is truly the mantra of this article. The rule of thumb is to look for shoes with comfy soles made out of canvas or cotton, and avoid rubber and leather altogether. We know, we know! Those leather sandals you have would look so cute with the outfits you have planned, but these materials tend to lead to chafing and cuts, not the best accessory.

Those are our tips on how to stay cool, so you can actually enjoy the sun instead of cowering in the shade with your melting ice coffee. How do you stay cool? Let us know on our socials @whering__ on Twitter and Instagram.

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