Mar 23

Mad for the 70s: Daisy Jones & The Six

by Team Whering

Whether you're currently re-reading the book, catching up on the show, binge-listening to the Aurora album, all of the above... or none of the above; one of the things we can probably all agree on is that we're all a little thirsty for some 70s in our lives. We'll provide the clothes, and let you handle the rest.

Daisy Jones

She's talented, she's beautiful, she's carefree and her Afghan coats are always to die for: she's Daisy Jones.


Karen Sirko

Who can blame Graham Dunne, we're all in love with Karen Sirko. Need we even mention her maroon suit?


Camila Dunne

Mother. Yes, literally, but also in the Gen-Z, tiktok-esque, figurative way.


Billy Dunne

Honestly, let's all give Billy Dunne a break. After all, he has so much pent up trauma, the dude's been in the hunger games not once but twice.


The Six's Shared Wardrobe

We're all in agreement that they rotate jeans, right? The show's unofficial name was actually The Sisterhood of Eddie's Travelling Flare Jeans.

DAISY JONES SIX 160223 DJTS_S1_GL_16_220223_LITPAM_00085R_3000_L.webp

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