Dec 3

How to set your intentions for the best December yet

by Team Whering


Grab a tea or coffee (or a glass of wine), light a candle. Welcome to Whering goes spiritual.

First, we would like you to take a breath with us.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Good. Now bear with us, as we have a lot to say.

Setting intentions is an exercise of progressing you closer to the person you want to be, and involves self-love as you begin to invest in your self. So many of us just go through the motions of life without truly thinking about why we are doing what we’re doing, which can lead us to feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and with an overall lack of purpose which can be tied to so many mental health woes. Setting your intentions is a way to start getting the figurative ball rolling, without the harshness and judgment that comes with goals.

What exactly is an intention? Intentions are the energy you put forth in your daily life, not about a goal, or a reward.

  1. Write out everything you’re grateful for from the previous month
  2. Take the time to write through some not so great things that may have happened, have you processed anything? Do you have some lingering emotions?
  3. Think of 10 Adjectives that represent your higher self, who you want to be. Think of words such as compassionate, grounded, balanced.
  4. Now start thinking about the major areas of your life: your work, your social life, your body, your mental health, and think about 10 intentions you want to put forward in each of those areas. These can be ‘spending more time being connected with my family’ or ‘critique myself less’.

So with this, how can you intend to have a better wardrobe?

  1. With knowledge comes power, so digitising your wardrobe, and allowing to look at what you exactly have (or don’t) is the first step.
  2. Ask yourself if you truly truly love each item before you buy it, imagine how fun it would be to have a wardrobe full of clothes that are all your absolute favourite? Life is too short to be unhappy with how we dress.
  3. Create a moodboard. This is a great way to be intentional with what you wear and how you present your most authentic self. Your moodboards are the runway show to your collection- the more out there, inspiring, and joy-sparking aspects of your wardrobe. Then, we can build them into your every day wardrobe.
  4. Deal with *THAT* pile. You know what we’re talking about, that jumper with the hole you wanted to sew up, the clothes you wanted to resell, or donate. Give yourself the mental space, and intend to have a plan of dealing with it.

And why do all of this you ask? Because you deserve it. Reflecting on your attitudes every month, and how you chose to live your life and perceive all the events that come with it is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. Remember that you are in the centre of your own universe, and just like you don’t really pay attention to what other people are doing, they don’t pay attention to you. So do what makes you happy. Live the life of the person you want to be. But you have to start being intentional about it. Decide to be more attentive in your friendships. Decide to set work life boundaries. Decide to start up that side project that makes you happy. Before you know it, it will be too late and you will wake up wondering what you have done all of these years.

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