18th of June

How to Avoid Glastonbury Fomo

by Florenne Earle Ledger Team Whering


Every time Glastonbury rolls around we’re always disappointed we didn’t accept the bank account hit and get all our friends together (and their laptops) and embark on an operation to get tickets. Will we ever learn?

Going to Glastonbury is something on most of our bucket lists, but we’re determined to avoid FOMO this year. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to enjoy the Glastonbury weekend, without having to be there. *sobs*

Host Your Own Glasto

You might be the type to avoid videos of Glastonbury at all costs to protect yourself from FOMO, but we’re going all in. Glastonbury is streamed on BBC iPlayer, so why not pretend you’re there and keep it on in the background?

Trust us when we say inviting your friends over and having some drinks or sharing some food while your fave artists play (through a TV, but we will ignore that part) is a guaranteed good time. My parents used to do this with their friends, and little me seemed to think they were having fun.

DIY Bottomless Brunch

The cost of living crisis is coming for us all. If you can’t bring yourself to pay almost £7 for another pint, enjoy a DIY bottomless brunch with your pals. A normal bottomless brunch costs around £30 but there’s a time limit, reduced menu and if you want a meal that’s a decent size you have to pay extra. *scam* Why not get a group together, head to the park (or your mates garden) and each pitch in £20? You’ll be able to put together a large picnic with lots of drinks (alcoholic or not) without the pressure of finishing everything in a 1.5 hour time slot.

Make sure the park you choose allows drinking. Whering is definitely a cool mum, but please remember to drink responsibly (18+), of course..

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Get Planning

We know how hard it is to get the group together, so why not use this time to plan your next big trip or festival to avoid feeling like this in the future. Planning a year in advance feels stupid at the time, but by next year you’ll be thanking yourself (and so will your besties).

Whether it’s a holiday or festival, the world is your oyster. In fact, lots of international festivals, especially in Eastern Europe, have great line-ups and tickets usually tend to be significantly cheaper.

All About the Music

We don’t encourage impulse buying, but we can endorse treating yourself to those gig tickets you’ve been eyeing up. If you love music and missing Glastonbury has you feeling down, why not bite the bullet and get that ticket to go see your fave artist, or even one you’ve just discovered that’s playing near you. Not all concert tickets are super expensive, some are really affordable (like £10-12). Investing in experiences is a great way to spend your money, without consuming more clothes.

Offline 48

If there was ever a time to do offline 48, it’s when you’re trying to pretend that the biggest music festival in the UK isn’t happening, and you’re not missing it. If you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen- right? Right???

Mind your business if you see us galavanting through the park or religiously streaming Glastonbury on BBC iPlayer, you’ve been warned. If you have any ideas on how else we can spend our time please get in touch @Whering__ on Twitter and Instagram. We need all the help we can get.

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