Mar 25

Green Alternatives To Some Of Our Favourite Looks

by Team Whering

We get it, you may end up buying some pieces here and there; but what if we told you that dressing to the nines didn’t have to harm the planet? Whether it’s thrifting or supporting ethical and sustainable brands, you can choose to save the planet whilst filling those wardrobe gaps. And guess what? This tip doesn’t discriminate against any of our style personas- whether your approach to fashion is more Minimalist or Eclectic, we’ve recreated some of our favourite looks with sustainable or ethical substitutes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- Whering is here for the girls who love a good outfit, but don’t want it to cost the earth (both literally 🌍 and figuratively 💸).

Look 1: Eclectic & Trendy

This dress isn’t the only thing green about this outfit.

green_alternatives_to_looks-01.jpg green_alternatives_to_looks-02_1646755890995.jpg
green_alternatives_to_looks-03_1646755897679.jpg green_alternatives_to_looks-04_1646755901133.jpg

Look 2: Keeping It Casual

This dress isn’t the only thing green about this outfit.

green_alternatives_look_two-01.jpg green_alternatives_look_two-02_1646757059689.jpg
green_alternatives_look_two-03_1646757064434.jpg green_alternatives_look_two-04_1646757071710.jpg

Look 3: Bold and Expressive

You don’t have to dress like mother nature to save the planet.

green_alternatives_look_three-01.jpg green_alternatives_look_three-02_1646757788995.jpg
green_alternatives_look_three-04_1646757794896.jpg green_alternatives_look_two-04_1646757071710.jpg

Look 4: Clean and Minimalist (and we’re not just talking about this fit’s style)

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 16.45.04.png
green_alternatives_look_four-01.jpg green_alternatives_look_four-02_1646758329060.jpg
green_alternatives_look_four-03_1646758333145.jpg green_alternatives_look_four-04_1646758340379.jpg

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