Jun 10

Following My Co-Star for a Week

by Team Whering

Like everyone and their mum, I am fully obsessed with astrology. It’s been ongoing for a few years now and I fit every stereotype of “that annoying astrology girl” and it takes all the self-control I possess to not ask people what their sign is approximately five minutes into meeting them. Obviously, at Whering we love an app that provides daily guidance and tracks things for us, especially if they are ✨ cosmic ✨. So I turned to my trusted Co-Star app to dictate what I should or should not do/ eat/ wear for a week and the results were… interesting.

And for those wondering, I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon (I know, I’m not ecstatic about it either) and Taurus Rising so Venus is my chart ruler. And I have a stellium in Sagittarius and Capricorn.



Starting off the week strong with a bank holiday! And the weather is glorious, it’s an absolute miracle. After a warm cup of coffee, I went to Regent’s Park to soak up the sunshine and have a little picnic with some friends. We all tried our hand at doing a cartwheel (with varying degrees of success) and no one was late, made excuses or unfollowed anybody. It was so busy that I felt surrounded by strangers all day. So an astrologically aligned start to the week!



As it’s the beginning of the month, I have to prepare the editorial calendar (deciding which articles we’ll post, planning out the newsletter). This is awkward considering Co-Star is telling me to not editorialize today… So sadly, I break my first Co-Star rule because there is no way my boss would accept me not doing my main task for the day because the stars said so.

But I did put on my equivalent of “dancing shoes” (a pair of black loafers) and had a miso soup “appetizer” before I made myself a tofu bowl for lunch - I would definitely recommend doing this, it felt very indulgent! Thanks Co-Star for the suggestion!



Uh-oh, I got the same “Dos and Don’ts” from Monday today. I feel like this was a glitch, but I guess it’s reassuring that Mercury Retrograde truly affects everybody? I took this as a sign to take a break from my cosmic endeavours for a day.



Back to regular programming! I definitely had to Google what “sock hops” are (a dance?) and I had to assume that throwing the ball to my dog a few times counts as a lawn game.

That evening, I went to a friend’s art exhibition and had to sadly put away the crown I was planning to wear. I also refrained from dropping my mic and humblebragging all evening. We move.



Friday! Yay! As per my co-star recommendations, I put brown sugar into my morning coffee which I never usually do but it was nice to switch it up. I put away my pearls and put on an old linen shirt I had lying around but never wear. In all honesty, this past year has been very sartorially uninspired so I welcomed having Co-Star dictate my outfits for a bit.

Sadly, I couldn’t drop everything to go to the seaside but I did walk along the Thames which is definitely a body of water, so it’s fine right?



Here we gooo, my “Dos” today are perfect for a chilled Saturday at home. After indulging in a glorious long hot shower (you know the kind where you wash your hair and exfoliate), that evening my boyfriend and I ordered pizza at home and watched ‘When Harry Met Sally’ because watching a Nora Ephron film is always a good idea.



After eating some leftover pizza for breakfast (don’t judge me, this is one of my favourite breakfasts), I threw on an old band t-shirt that I usually exclusively use as a pyjama top (a Grateful Dead tie-dye number I picked up on my gap year). I had a quick look around my local supermarket, but because this is not America, there were no toaster strüdels in sight. I hope Gretchen Wieners tells her dad so he can expand to Europe and the UK.

All in all, it was definitely fun to have some cosmic guidance for a week! I don’t think I’ll start living by Co-Star lists anytime soon, but I might have a look if I’m ever feeling bored or uninspired in the future.

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