Sep 6

Build a Secondhand Outfit Based On Your Dessert Choice

by Team Whering

Yes, we're in our Buzzfeed quiz era. Moving on...

The rules of the game are simple, pick one option in each part of the article, and then put your outfit together! And yes, duh, all of the pieces are iconic secondhand finds from our collaboration with Vestiaire Collective. We're jumping into Secondhand September with a bang!

First thigns first, what kind of dessert are you having?

Next up, let's talk about the flavour. What are you feeling?

6.png 7_1694001207403.jpg 8_1694001209432.jpg 9_1694001213994.jpg 10_1694001218585.jpg

The finishing touches: what are we adding on top?

11.png 12_1694001461627.jpg 13_1694001464793.jpg 14_1694001467561.jpg 15_1694001471888.jpg

And finally, what are you drinking with it?

16.png 17_1694001657625.jpg 18_1694001661749.jpg 19_1694001663945.jpg

Now put your outfit together! Share the combination you came up with by saving the images, putting the outfit together on the Whering app and tag us in your results!

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