May 19

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Last May Bank Holiday

by Florenne Earle Ledger

The bank holiday era is coming to a close. We’ve had three this May and we’ve loved every second of them, but sadly this glorious month has to end. But before it does, we have a few tips on how to get the most of the last three day weekend (until August) 😢

If you’ve loved this month as much as us, why not join our team? We’re hiring for a few new roles, so you can join us in a four-day week and have that bank holiday feeling all year round.

1. Get the Gang Back Together

Bank holidays can get busy, but they’re also the perfect time to catch up with everyone and get the group together. That extra day off feels like a gift, a whole other day (and night) to spend time with friends. Why not book a group dinner, go for a picnic in the park, or each bring a dish to a friends’ house and eat together? If all of that is too much effort, there’s always the pub. Beer garden season is in full swing.

@oliviaamcdowell Replying to @nara0630 what should the theme of my next dinner party be? #minivlog #nycliving #dinnerpartyideas #caviarinnewyork ♬ Gatinha - Cornelio

If you don’t have a solid group or calendars aren’t aligning, why not focus your efforts on meeting an old friend you’ve not seen for a while?

2. Do It, Go There, Do It

Bite the bullet and go to the places you've had saved in maps for a while (yes, we’ve started saving locations we want to visit on google maps and it’s a game changer). This weekend is the ideal time to veto the excuses and check out places you’ve been meaning to, even if it means going alone.

If you’re Manchester based, we recently found out about RHS Bridgewater Gardens which is first on our list of new places to explore. It’s hard to find nature in the city, and this looks like the loveliest spot we’re desperate to visit.

In the same vein of nature vibes, this pizza restaurant on a canal boat looks amazing. The location changes each weekend so it can be hard to track down. It’s the perfect excursion for a bank holiday weekend to remember.

For London based girliepops, we’ve just discovered Dalston Curve Garden and we are literally obsessed. Sit nestled in nature with your besties sipping on a pint. It’s the beer garden to outdo them all, you’re literally sat amongst wildflowers and trees- must visit.

Social Pottery has also been on our list of places to visit for years. It’s BYOB so you can have a few drinks (without the hefty price tag) while you paint. Drinking is optional, but we’re obsessed with the thought of painting a bowl with a canned cocktail in hand. Yes pls.

If you live outside London or Manchester, let us know where you’ll be going this weekend on our socials!

3. Offline 43, or 72

Inspired by the lovely Venetia La Manna, why not take a break from socials for the weekend? We’re always tempted to try this out, and bank holiday seems like the perfect wholesome excuse to switch off. If social media in general seems too hard to fully remove yourself from for the weekend, start with just one app to ease yourself in.

4. (Don't) Shop till' You Drop

Try not to fall back into the habit of going shopping or checking out vintage markets with friends. Even though we’re never ones to slam thrift shopping, reducing our consumption generally is the key to helping our planet. It’s not just fast fashion that’s damaging, it’s consumption as a whole. We’re learning to enjoy spending time with people without feeling the need to consume. We learned this from Consumed by Aja Barber and The World is on Fire but We’re Still Buying Shoes by Alex Leach.

Check out a food market instead, like Broadway Market or Borough Market. There’s so many options of things to do that aren’t shopping, including all the ones mentioned in this article: a meal with friends, social pottery, garden centres, parks and outdoor spaces.

5. Chef It Up

A simple act of self care such as cooking yourself a new meal can do more for you than you might think. If life feels a bit overwhelming and you just want to stay in this bank hol, we get it. It’s normal to feel like hermitting after a long week of work, so open up your saved recipe folder on Instagram and finally cook that meal you’ve been eyeing up.

We recently made this lentil and aubergine dahl that was super easy and sooo delicious. For the pasta lovers out there (it’s us, we’re pasta lovers), mix things up with this indulgent tomato orzo. It’s seriously yummy, trust us.

If you fancy making it more social, check out this pizza making class, for just £25pp.

Whatever bank holiday girlie you are, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our guide. If we described your perfect weekend, don’t forget to check out our careers page and see if you could be the perfect fit for the team.

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