May 2

5 Brands to Know on Marketplace

by Nona Dimitrova

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Discover the hottest brands on the Whering Marketplace that will have you looking stylish and sustainable.

Siam Circle

Siam Circle is a project started by Mariuka Corsini, and is an upcycle fashion brand, bringing to you the only fashion that does not create waste.

Studio Pia

Studio Pia’s collections are ethically crafted in the UK & Europe, with a focus on fashion-led, creative design, and unique materials and details. Every garment is designed to flatter a range of body types, achieved through adjustable sections, allowing for a personalised fit.

Their designs take reference from nature and the worlds of fine art and couture, where rich colours and textures meet striking shapes, with exquisite construction and craftsmanship.

Delight Pool

Delightful Pool loves the joyfulness of daily swimming and believes our health and wellness come from the small happiness of our everyday life. Their swimwear collection is made with love and has an appreciation for outstanding quality and comfort.

Nafsika Skourti

With a practice rooted in in-depth research, they work to export the nuances and stories of their home. Through print, embroidery and ongoing textile development they create sharp separates, couture details and modern tailoring. Weaving cultural narratives and explorations of region specific history and humour, the Nafsika Skourti aesthetic is a beautiful pairing of glamour and anti glamour.


Set apart by its streamlined aesthetic and sustainable approach to design, British label 1XBLUE makes clothing meant to empower its wearer. Founded in London in 2020, the line showcases the vision of designer Lois Saunders, who skillfully transforms upcycled textiles into risqué garments featuring sensual silhouettes and eye-catching, artful graphics. Form fitting jumpsuits and dresses are tailored with delicate sophistication, featuring cutouts bound by subtle buttons, while lightweight tops and skirts engender a sense of playfulness with free-spirited asymmetry and striking colours. Through its tongue-in-cheek interpretation of luxury fashion, 1XBLUE liberates contemporary womenswear.

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