Ultimate Packing Hacks 2024

Gone are the days of loathing packing, all thanks to the app designed to help you pack smarter in just a few taps.

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How can an app help me pack?

Clothing packing hacks

General packing hacks

How to pack a suitcase with Whering

Our packing essentials

How can an app help me pack?

Clothing packing hacks

General packing hacks

How to pack a suitcase with Whering

Our packing essentials

Whering Packing List feature

Packing made easy

Packing made easy

The rush of excitement after booking a holiday can often feel dampened by the thought of packing. But what if there was a way to make packing your suitcase easier?

Whering is the wardrobe app making your packing experience lighter. There’s a reason Condé Nast Traveller named us a must-have travel app– we take the stress out of deciding what to wear on holiday and feeling like you’ve forgotten something.

See our ultimate packing guide to take you from choosing outfits to packing your suitcase. You’ll never loathe prepping for a trip again.

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How can an app help you pack for a holiday?

It might sound strange to use an app to help you pack, but we promise Whering does make it easier. Here’s how to use an app to save time packing:

See a clear overview of your clothes

We’re a wardrobe app, so if you’re a Whering user you’ve already got all your clothes digitised in the app. With Whering, deciding what to pack just got easier. See a clear overview of all your clothes so you can choose what to bring faster. You may also discover hidden gems you’d forgotten about that are perfect for your trip.

Avoid forgetting things

After you’ve chosen what you want to take with you, our AI will suggest items you may have forgotten so you’re ready for anything. We’ll create an itemised packing list for you to check off as you go, so no stone is left unturned.

Pack outfits not items

The good thing about Whering’s packing list is that you can have full control over the outfits you pack, or you can use AI to do some of the decision-making for you. If you’re unsure what to take, use W Pick to suggest outfits you’ll love. 

Create a holiday capsule

Whether you need outfit inspiration whilst you’re away or you’re not ready to plan outfits before you leave, you can create a Lookbook of items and outfits you want to take with you to create a holiday capsule. 

Start by adding holiday-ready items and outfits to a Lookbook and generate a packing list from this folder. Afterwards, you can filter to shuffle this Lookbook on Dress Me to get outfit ideas from a smaller selection of items.

Less time choosing, more time living

When creating a packing list on Whering, you’re asked to assign outfits or items to particular days of your holiday. Spend less time deciding what to wear each day, and more time enjoying your much-needed break. 

Those are just some of the ways Whering’s packing list tool can help you, but there are plenty of other tips and tricks to ease the packing process. Starting with our clothing-related packing hacks.

What makes the best wardrobe app?

Free to use

Fast and easy

Packing Hacks: Clothing

Pack outfits, not items 

We’ve all been there in a last-minute dash to fill a suitcase, counting how many tops and bottoms we need and throwing them in. But this only lets us down when we’re at our destination and find nothing goes together. The result is not feeling confident in any of the outfits we’ve packed.

You want to feel your best on holiday, so consider packing outfits rather than random items. Rather than spending hours deciding what to wear, simply open the Whering app and flick through outfits you’ve already made to find your faves for your getaway. Once you’ve added them to an event or a Lookbook, you can generate an itemised packing list in just one tap.

No need to rummage through your wardrobe, you already know what killer outfits you’re packing.

Look at the weather

With Easy Jet shrinking hand luggage allowance, we can all afford to save space when packing. Knowing what the weather will be like is step one to ensure you don’t pack unnecessary items you won’t get a chance to wear. 

Share with friends

A problem shared is a problem halved. Why face packing your suitcase alone when you could do it with your besties? Coordinate who is taking what so you can borrow clothes from each other. You’ll all be able to pack lighter and dress better, with more outfit options from fewer pieces.

If you’re all different sizes, why not share accessories? Hats, sunglasses, scarves or earrings can completely change an outfit. Pool your accessories for a wider range of options.

Less is more

Packing more than you need might sound like the best way to have endless outfit options, but we disagree. You can take fewer items and get more out of them with Whering. If you haven’t already, add everything you’re taking on your trip to a Lookbook on Whering. Filter to shuffle this Lookbook on Dress Me and you’ll be able to shuffle your chosen selection of items and get different outfit ideas from what you’ve packed.

With our clothing-related hacks done and dusted, how about when it comes to actually packing the suitcase? We’ve got you covered…

Lookbook to packing list

Packing Hacks: Suitcase Logistics

Shower Cap your shoes

Keep your clothes clean by putting shower caps around your shoes. Having a bit of protection around the shoe sole helps avoid dirt ending up in your suitcase but also lets you easily see which shoes you bought at a glance so you can choose a pair faster. We suggest reusing the same shower caps each trip to make it more sustainable.

Roll clothes/use packing cubes

If you haven’t found your favourite packing method, try rolling up your clothes or using packing cubes to save space. As well as maximising the space in your suitcase, you can get organised with what’s in which cube. Divide up different days, locations or item types into packing cubes. This will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for and help keep your suitcase from becoming a mountain of clothes.

Pack heavy items near the wheels

Pack heavier items near the wheels of your suitcase to help it stay level as you’re wheeling it around. It’s a small thing to make your journey feel more seamless.

That’s how to pack your suitcase, but what are you taking?

Whering's Event feature

Our Packing essentials

Your perfect packing list will look different depending on where you’re going and your personal style, but here are some items we always pack regardless of our destination.

Your perfect packing list will look different depending on where you’re going and your personal style, but here are some items we always pack regardless of our destination.

Laundry bag

Don’t forget to bring a laundry bag! It’s easy to forget, but it’s super important to keep your suitcase organised and ensure your dirty and clean clothes are separate. That way, you can clearly see what you have available to wear.

Tote bag

It takes up virtually no space in your luggage, but packing a tote bag is always a good idea. Whether you use it as a beach bag, shopping bag, or extra carry-on space on your way home, you’ll need it at some point.

A good book

Being on a flight or a train is always the perfect time to read. Having a good book with you is essential on most holidays, especially if you’re spending time by the pool.

Comfortable shoes

Even though you might want to take a new pair of shoes with you, packing some trusted comfortable and practical shoes is always a must. There’s nothing worse than blisters and not being able to explore comfortably. 

With all your essentials packed, let’s walk you through how to pack a suitcase on Whering.

Pack with Whering

How to pack a suitcase with Whering

Packing a suitcase with Whering is super simple. There are a few different ways you can pack with us.

Creating a holiday capsule

  1. Make a Lookbook and add items and outfits you fancy taking with you. 
  2. Once you’ve got everything in the folder, tap the dots in the top right corner and select ‘Generate packing list’. 
  3. You’ll see an itemised list of everything in the Lookbook, ready to be checked off and added to your suitcase.
  4. When you’re away, you can filter Dress Me to shuffle a Lookbook of your choice, helping you discover new outfit combinations inside your suitcase in just a few taps.

Creating an event in Planner

Alternatively, you can create a packing list by making an event in the Planner.

  1. Open the Planner tab on the lower bar, and tap the calendar icon in the top right corner. 
  2. Once here, tap the plus sign and choose ‘create event’. 
  3. Select your chosen dates and flick the toggle ‘generate packing list’ so it shows green. 
  4. Now you’ll be given the option to select outfits or items for each day of your trip. You can also use our AI to put outfits together for you if you’re not sure what to take. 
  5. We’ll also suggest items you may have forgotten so you’re 100% prepared- no fashion faux pas in sight.
  6. After selecting your outfits we’ll create an itemised packing list for you to check off as you pack, so you’ll have complete looks for the entirety of your trip.

That's our complete packing guide for 2024. Did we miss something? Let us know your packing hacks and join the conversation on our socials @Whering__ on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

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