Why Whering is the Best Outfit Planning App

Learn how to use an outfit planning app to change your outfit game.

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We’re proud to introduce Whering as the best outfit planning app, all thanks to our new Planner feature. 

We know there are plenty of apps out there that help you plan your outfits, but we’re keen to explain why Whering is the best app to use when it comes to planning your outfits in advance.

Why is Whering the best outfit planning app?

We’ve switched things around to give Planner a space of its own, so users can find a separate space designated to planning and scheduling outfits. 

How to use the Whering app to plan your outfits

If you don’t know how to plan your outfits using the Whering app, it’s super easy to learn how.

Open Whering and tap the calendar icon that takes you to the Planner. From here you can plan outfits for the day, week or month ahead.

See our FAQs on how to use the Planner if you’re unsure:

How do I assign an OOTD in the Planner?

Tap the Planner icon on the bottom bar and choose from the following options: add existing outfit, shuffle existing outfits or discover new outfits. Once you’ve made your choice, tap whichever outfit you want to assign to the day.

How do I schedule an outfit in Planner?

Tap the calendar icon on the bottom bar to open Planner. Select the mini calendar in the top right corner and choose the day you’d like to plan your outfit for. Tap the green plus sign in the bottom right corner and select ’Add outfit’. Choose whether you’d like to select an existing outfit, shuffle your outfits, or get an outfit suggestion from our AI. Once you’ve decided, select the outfit of your choice and it will be assigned to the day of your choice in the calendar. 

Can I add more than one outfit per day in the calendar?

Yes, you can assign multiple outfits to one day.

How do I remove an outfit from the planner/an assigned day?

To remove an outfit from an assigned day, simply tap on the day you want to edit and you’ll see a bin icon in the left hand corner of the outfit image. Tap this to delete the outfit from this calendar day. Don’t worry, it will still be in your wardrobe. 

Planning outfits on the Whering app with Lookbooks

Want to get organised by planning your outfits on the Whering app but don’t want to assign them to a specific day? That’s where Lookbooks come in!

Instead of spending time doom scrolling fast fashion sites, open Whering and start planning outfits when you have a spare second. Whether you want to create them from scratch using canvas or get outfit suggestions from Dress Me or W Pick, you can plan outfits you love on Whering wherever you are.

Save your fave looks to a Lookbook to refer to when you’re not sure what to wear. We love choosing an outfit for the day ahead from a pre-planned Lookbook whilst having an extra five minutes in bed.

So that’s how you can use the Planner, but why should you?

Why should you plan your outfits on the Whering app?

If you’re not sure it’s a good idea to use an app to plan your outfits, we’re here to convince you otherwise. 

There are so many perks to outfit planning using the Whering app, let us talk you through some of them.

Save time 

Spend less time deciding what to wear and more time doing things you enjoy. Not only will you save time trying on different outfits but you won’t need to clean up clothes either, as you can flick through all the outfits on your phone.

Curate your look 

Wearing an outfit you love is a great feeling. When you spend time planning what to wear it’s a lot easier to curate an outfit/style that you’re excited about and confident in. 

When you plan outfits ahead of time, you’re ready to bump into anyone and everyone, rather than hoping you don’t see anyone you know on a trip to the corner shop. 

Use Dress Me, W Pick or canvas to plan an outfit you can’t wait to wear on Whering. 

Utilise all your items

When you take a step back and think more about what you’re wearing it becomes clearer what items you’re loving and those you haven’t worn for a while. Whering shows you the items you wear the least and those you wear the most, so when you take the time to plan outfits you can prioritise using those that you haven’t worn for a while to increase your overall percentage of wear.

Get accurate wardrobe stats

Planning and logging your outfits on the Whering app provides you with accurate stats on what clothes you’re wearing. It’s like Spotify wrapped but for your wardrobe and available all year round. 

Take it from us, it’s really fun to see the progression of your style through the year when you log your outfits on Whering. 

Why our users love planning outfits on the Whering app

If you don’t believe us, take it from our users that Whering is the best outfit planning app on the market. We’re keen to share user stories explaining why and how they love to use Whering to plan outfits

Outfits planned by our app community

If you’re stuck for outfit inspiration, see the outfits planned by our community on Whering to get your creative juices flowing. 

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Want to see your outfit featured? If you’ve planned an outfit you’re proud of, get in touch and show us! Tag us in your outfits on socials @Whering__.  We love seeing funky fits planned by our Wherers ⚡

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