The Closet Styling App Endorsed by The Drew Barrymore Show

Discover the Clueless inspired closet app for outfit inspiration, wardrobe tracking insights and organisation tools, bringing you your best wardrobe for you, your wallet and the planet.

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Seen Whering on the Drew Barrymore show?

Whering is the FREE Clueless inspired styling app, helping turn the clothes in your closet into killer outfits you can’t wait to wear.

With Whering, you can see everything you own, anywhere you go. Whether you’re on the way to work or walking the dog, you can plan looks, get outfit inspiration and personalised wardrobe insights in the palm of your hand– unlocking endless styling possibilities from clothes you already own.


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What’s in it for me?

New outfit inspiration, without spending a dollar 

Bye bye outfit indecision, hello Whering. Discover new outfits from the clothes you own daily with our Clueless inspired wardrobe shuffle or our AI generated outfit suggester, W Pick. We’re in the era of using more of what we already own and buying less - for your bank account and the earth. 

Always organised - never stressed getting dressed

Stay stylish 24/7 when you plan and schedule outfits in the Whering Planner. You can even take your best dressed self abroad with our packing list tool, organising your holiday fits.

Track your wardrobe - own your style 

Vogue says using Whering to track your wardrobe is all the rage in 2024. Log your outfits in the Planner to get personalised stats on what makes you, you. Track wardrobe worth, utilisation rate, cost per wear, the things you love and the things that need more love. We help you audit your wardrobe, wear more, hone in on your personal style, and ultimately buy less (but better) for a wardrobe you’ll love for years to come. As if!

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How does it work?

Get started on Whering in minutes with these simple steps.

  1. Add items - Upload your own clothes to your digital wardrobe by taking a photo, or import images from our database/online stores.
  2. Start styling - Shuffle your wardrobe (Clueless-style) and unlock new outfit combinations from items you already own. Or, get personalised outfit suggestions daily, thanks to W Pick.
  3. Create unlimited outfits & lookbooks (for free!) - Create endless outfits using the Canvas. Group similar outfits by occasion, season, or anything your heart desires, using our Lookbook feature.
  4. Get organised - Get organised and plan outfits ahead of time using the Planner. It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier! You can also make a packing list and schedule outfits for your trips away.
  5. See your style in a new light - See your most worn items, styles, colours and more- thanks to our personalised usage stats, helping you shop smart in the future by only buying items you’ll actually wear.
  6. Get inspired - wishlist & moodboard - Keep all your inspiration in one place and save looks you love to Moodboard or Wishlist. Share your Wishlist with friends and family to avoid unwanted gifts and impulse purchases.

Take a tour of the app

Nice to re meet you

Our community of 3 million Wherers is global, so you may have come across Whering before! We’ve been recommended by journalists all over the world in Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller, Elle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and more. 

Why? Recognised as the ‘antidote to buyer’s remorse’ by New York Post, Whering is changing our relationship with fashion simply by helping Wherers learn more about their style to make more considered purchases and enabling people to get more wear out of clothes they already own.

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Since January 2024, we’ve seen a 134% increase in items uploaded, as more and more people are joining the next generation of fashion intelligence and tracking their wardrobes. 

Don’t get left behind.

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Join the wardrobe revolution

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