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Why should I use a digital wardrobe app?

Whether you have a wardrobe or floordrobe (no judgement) Whering will help you shop your own closet so you don’t need to buy new clothes.

Once you’ve digitised your wardrobe you can create outfits using our Clueless-inspired outfit shuffle, Dress Me. Live your Cher Horowitz fantasy with your very own outfit maker, all in the palm of your hand.

We’re making it easier than ever to get dressed in the morning. You can get personalised outfit suggestions based on the weather and your style using W Pick.

Once you’ve created outfits you can save them to your wardrobe so they’re there for you whenever you need them. If you want to group particular outfits together, use our Lookbook feature.

Whering will help you keep track of outfits you’re wearing (and loving) so next time you wake up and you’re desperate to stay in bed five minutes longer, you can select an outfit from the comfort of under your sheets.

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Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Fashion inspiration can come from far and wide - it’s up to you to discover how you feel most inspired. Whether it’s fashion magazines, social media platforms, fashion blogs, fashion shows, street style, or even art or architecture- there’s so much out there for you to explore.

Finding what inspires you is the key to developing your personal style. Who doesn’t want to have a unique sense of style that makes them feel confident? Finding your inspiration is exactly how you curate your very own fashion sense. You heard it here first besties…

A digital wardrobe app makes it super easy to see everything you own to get a clear picture of what kind of clothes you’re drawn to. That way, you can identify where you’re getting the most of your inspiration from.

We also have a Moodboard feature that you can pull up when you’re creating outfits, so your inspiration is right in front of you as you're putting an outfit together.

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Which app is best for selling clothing?

Once you’ve unlocked your personal style, you might want to sell some items that don’t suit your vibe. Digital wardrobe apps can help with that too. 

Whering is there for you when you need to sell your old clothes. Upload pictures to Depop, Vinted, eBay- and all the rest, in seconds, as you already have quality imagery made when you upload your clothes to Whering.

Our fave apps for selling clothes are Depop and Vinted. They’re the most popular, which makes it easy to find people willing to buy your old clothes so you can give them a good home (because when you sell something you used to love, you wanna make sure it’s going to someone good, right?). 

Riding that designer wave, Vestiaire Collective is also great if you're looking to give old high quality clothing a second home. The more sales you make, the easier it is to get recognised as a certified seller, so you can get rid of old clothes even faster.

Make sure your item is real designer, Vestiaire Collective have checks in place to make sure it's legit…👀

Circular fashion is so easy to get involved with, and when you already have images that show your clothes in the best light (thanks to Whering’s background removal tech), it’s even easier to give your clothes a new life.

Digital wardrobe apps are more useful than you might think…download Whering and see for yourself.

Not only can they help you sell your clothes, but they can help you experiment with style sustainably.

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How to change your look without changing your clothes?

When we grow up, we want to be sustainable queens. The best way to do that is to make the most of the clothes we already own. One of the easiest ways to maximise wear out of your existing wardrobe is to style items in different ways using accessories, shoes, hairstyles and makeup.

You could be wearing the same clothes, but the outfit looks totally different when you style it in a certain way. Here’s how we use the following to spice up our looks:


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Whatever the outfit, adding some kind of scarf, hat or bag (or all three!) is a fail safe way to jazz it up.

Hats and scarves aren’t just for winter either. Those cute mini scarves that were popular in the 90s have come back with a bang. If this trend reflects your style, invest in a mini scarf (or uncover one from a family member's wardrobe) to elevate your outfits.

When it is cooler outside, a chunky bold scarf is always a yes from us. Some scarves are so big they cover most of your top half, so you literally can’t even see if you’re outfit repeating anyway. 

Hats galore! We’re always in favour of a hat. Fluffy bucket hats are our go to when it’s cold outside. There’s something so cute yet sleek and stylish about them. Add them to any look and it will be the central focus of the fit, so no one will realise you’re wearing the same thing again (and if they do, who cares?!). 

When summer strikes, we like a good cap. It gives all our outfits a laid back, cool girl feel. You can find caps in charity shops for super cheap. They're an affordable accessory to switch up your look.

Straw sun hats are also a yes from us when it comes to summer. A good hat can make any basic outfit look better. Pair a hat with your fave maxi dress and you’ll be turning heads for sure.


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A pair of shoes is the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit. Switch trainers for cowboy boots or sandals for lace up platform boots, doc martens for platform sandals- whatever shoe switch you’re making, the whole outfit is switching gears with you.

When you’re getting bored of an outfit, change the pair of the shoes and a couple of accessories to go with it- you’ll feel brand new.


Makeup isn’t our forte, but we’re no stranger to the power of a little eye shadow here and there. If you’re a makeup lover, getting experimental with different eyeliner colours, shapes and styles can completely change the vibe of your look. Give it a try! 


It can take a little practice, but perfecting a new hairstyle is always a great feeling. Lean into a different fashion era using your hair as the finishing touch to your look.

If you want to try on different outfits but you don’t want to change clothes, see and style what you own with Whering. Experiment with different looks on the app. It couldn’t be easier to get creative than with a digital wardrobe app. 

When you can easily see and style your clothes, you begin to spot wardrobe gaps (items you don’t have that you need). But sometimes, it can be hard to know what wardrobe essentials to invest in…

What are some must have items in a female wardrobe?

Wardrobe essentials are unique to all of us, there’s no set list of clothing items everyone should own. You’ll know what you need in your wardrobe when you pin down your personal style. 

Did you know a recent study shows we should only be buying five new items per year? See more details in our Instagram post below.

Which is the best app for outfit planning?

The best app for outfit planning is Whering. You may think we’re a little biassed, and you’d probably be right, but we’re confident our app is the best!

We have a variety of features that make outfit planning fun and easy. If you don’t believe us, just ask our users...

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Use our Planner function to create outfits for the day ahead, week ahead, month ahead, yea- you get it. You can plan outfits ahead of time using the Whering app.

Create an event for a trip and plan outfits using what you’ve added to your packing list. We’ll suggest pieces you may have forgotten so all your looks will be complete.  

If you want to plan outfits without assigning them to a particular day, that’s fine too. You can use our Lookbook feature to curate and plan outfits and keep them in a folder so you know what outfits to wear on what occasion.

Heading on a night out? Open up your Lookbooks and choose an outfit you love. When you’ve spent time putting outfits together on a wardrobe app, it really is easier than ever to decide what to wear. Less time thinking, more time living. 

A digital wardrobe app makes everything style related that bit easier: whether it’s finding your inspiration and your style, planning outfits or selling clothes - a digital wardrobe app (Whering, duh) will be there for you. 

Refer a friend so they can join you in your sustainable fashion journey!

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