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When you plan your OOTD on Whering, you've got options. Will you use Dress Me, Planner, W-Pick, or select a tried and tested outfit from one of your Lookbooks?

OOTD with Dress Me

Remember the classic 90s film, Clueless? Cher Horowitz’ outfit-making machine was iconic. So iconic that we made a Clueless-inspired wardrobe shuffle feature, Dress Me. Once you’ve digitised your wardrobe on Whering, you’ll see your items already entered into your own version of Cher’s iconic outfit generator.

Simply tap the shuffle button and let the magic happen. Watch your clothing shuffle right before your eyes and instantly save a stunning outfit of the day. It’s the 21st century, it's only right that we're planning our outfits with a wardrobe app.

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OOTD with W Pick

If you haven’t woken up and sighed at the thought of piecing together an outfit when all you want to do is change into a fresh set of pjs, you’re lying. It’s time to use Whering’s exclusive feature, W-Pick, to choose your next OOTD (outfit of the day).

How to Use W Pick

  1. Open the Planner and choose 'Discover new oufits'. You'll now see an outfit suggested by W-Pick.
  2. If you don’t like the outfit, press ‘X’ and be presented with a different one (up to six times).
  3. When you come across an outfit you like, press the heart button to add it to your wardrobe and assign it as your look for the day (OOTD).
  4. You’ll also be given the chance to save it alongside your fave looks. 

We don't get it right every time. That's why you can edit your W Pick outfit in the canvas to personalise it exactly how you like.

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OOTD with Lookbooks

This one is for the organised people out there. If you’ve already put the time into putting together looks on your Whering app, then props to you. You’ve got a whole library of outfits you know and love to browse on the go, or from the comfort of under your sheets (for those mornings then it’s cold and dark and getting up feels like the last thing you want to do).

Instead of rooting through your wardrobe desperate to find the perfect outfit of the day, you can sit back and relax and tap through your wardrobe in the palm of your hand. It couldn’t be easier to find an outfit you know you’ll love! 

There are so many moments ideal for planning outfits on Whering. On a train and bored of skipping every song? Why not look through your Lookbooks on Whering and plan your outfits for the week ahead?

Got some down time on a Sunday afternoon? Why not spend some time creating new looks and updating your Whering Lookbooks to keep them fresh for the week ahead. 

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Schedule Your OOTD

Decided on what you’re wearing? Log your OOTD daily in the Planner to help us give you accurate usage stats, so you can refine your personal style.

Schedule your OOTD in the Planner and keep track of your outfits throughout the year.

Use your personalised stats to figure out what to resell or donate and know what was worth the investment (and what wasn’t) to buy better in the future. It’s like Spotify Wrapped but for your wardrobe, available all year round.

OOTD Collage

Share your outfit of the day with your dog, your grandma, your bestie or anyone else you like by adding a cute outfit collage (courtesy of our background removal tech) to your Instagram story.

How to Share Your Outfit Collage

  1. Find an outfit you love by opening the wardrobe tab and tapping on the 'Outfits' section.
  2. Scroll below the outfit image and tap 'Share'.
  3. All that's left to do is choose where or who you're sharing your OOTD with.

If you’re really feeling your look, why not post it on your Instgram (and tag us!) or tweet us @whering__. We love seeing your OOTD’s made using Dress Me, W-Pick, and your own creations in canvas! Our Wherers are always serving immaculate vibes ✨ 

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