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How do I Make a Moodboard?

Find what makes you feel inspired and bring it together in one place. Whether it’s colours, textures, fabrics, outfits, people, places- put it in a Moodboard. Still not sure? Let us show you some of our fave Moodboards to get your creative juices flowing.

Style Shift Moodboard

We’ve all been there where we get the ick from our own wardrobe and we feel like getting rid of everything we own. But we all know that’s not environmentally or financially viable.

If you’re feeling like you want to change up your look, search the web and find pictures of outfits, colours and ✨ vibes ✨ similar to your existing style and fill half the page with them.

Next, find other pictures of the aesthetic you want to achieve: new colours, new outfits and experimental combinations. Add these photos to the same Moodboard and you’ll get a visual representation of how to blend your current and new desired style together. 

It might not look great at first, you’ll probably need to rearrange a few things to get the combinations right, but as long as you’re left feeling motivated and inspired, you’ve done it right. 

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That Girl Moodboard

Who said Moodboards are just fashion related? Spoiler alert, they’re not! Let us show you how creating a Moodboard, not just for your desired style but your desired lifestyle, can be the key to getting what you want.

Look through your Instagram saved and Pinterest to find pictures you like. It could be a place, a food, a bedroom, a living room, a piece of furniture, a notebook- we could go on forever.

Essentially, collate images that go together (the common theme being your taste) and you’ll have an aesthetic version of a lifestyle you’d like to have. Add some outfit pictures into the mix to help you visualise how your style would fit into this new lifestyle.

The mixing of the two should provide inspiration for how you can use fashion and life rewards (a minor example: buying a silly little coffee from a silly little coffee shop) to help you achieve your lifestyle and style goals, because a lot of the time the two go hand in hand.

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Getaway Moodboard

Going on holiday? Get your Moodboard ready so you know you’ll be serving looks when you’re away. Everyone has that vision of themselves on a sunny getaway wearing stunning outfits at the beach and evening meals.

Start collating your inspiration early so you won’t be disappointed (gotta get those Instagram pics). It’s time to unleash your inner stalker and scroll way back on your fav Instagram and TikTok accounts, have a gander through Pinterest- and maybe even your own camera roll- and see what strikes a chord. 

Your holiday Moodboard is the perfect point of reference when shopping for new pieces. It stops you getting caught up in the holiday excitement and impulse buying items you don’t need with the excuse ‘it’s for my holiday’. You’ll make purchases with confidence, knowing they fit your vacation aesthetic and your day-to-day style.

Think about how potential new pieces will translate into your life after your trip - can you wear them on more than one getaway? Will you still want to wear them next year? Do you actually need them or do you just want something new for you trip? If the answer is no, we suggest you rethink your purchase.

Purchasing items we know we will love long term is the best we can do for our planet and ourselves!

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New Year Moodboard

New year, new you! No time like the present to visualise who you want to be this year. Remember vision boards? This is kind of like that, but better.

Having something to refer back to when you’re purchasing clothes throughout the year is so useful to ensure you’re buying clothes you’ll actually wear. Add any outfit pics, accessories, colour palettes and generally aesthetic pictures you want to aspire to. 

Fashion is a creative outlet, so why not think about how you can use what you already own to recreate outfits you love, but never have the confidence to actually wear.

If you don’t have the goods, ask a friend to borrow something, that way you won’t waste any money if you don’t like how it looks and you help keep fashion circular.

It’s a win win. After trying it out, if you’re confident it’s a yes, take on the charity shops and find a second hand piece that’s bound to be a staple for years to come.

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University Moodboard

Starting university and want to freshen up your look? There’s no better time to experiment with style than when you’re starting a new life where no one knows anything about you. Enjoy having the freedom to be the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be.

Pull together images of looks you thought you would never be brave enough to wear, now is the time! Anyone can pull anything off with a little confidence, fake it till you make it if you have to.

A Moodboard is a great place to start collecting inspiration so you can love your new look and impress your new friends with your style. But remember, dressing to please yourself is key. Your university Moodboard should be a reflection of who you are, not who you think you should be.

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Share Your Moodboard

Share your Moodboard with your friends to see what they think! Help each other reach your goals and improve your sense of style by chatting to your besties. It’s always good to get a fresh pair of eyes, and Moodboards are a masterpiece worth sharing.

We’d love to see what you create too, tag us @whering__ on Twitter and Instagram to show us your Moodboards! Join our community of Wherers digitising their wardrobes, building the next generation of sustainable fashion.

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